Sunday, 24 January 2021

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In Focus Feature: Internal Voices

CoverToday, as the United Nations International Year of Youth closes, we, the interns of the United Nations (UN) launch the 14th edition of Internal Voices. Since August 2007, interns at the United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (UNRIC) have been producing Internal Voices, a magazine for UN interns written by UN interns. Initially only containing articles from interns in Brussels, this is now a worldwide project. The 14th edition contains articles from interns in all corners of the world from Washington to Nairobi and Bucharest.

The 14th edition focuses on the relationship between the UN and youth, in the spirit of the UN International Year of Youth. The articles cover a wide range of problems that young people today have to deal with from unemployment, discrimination and indifference from authorities to environmental degradation which threatens the future health of our planet.

But the magazine also contains many good examples of how young people can be seen as a resource and responsible partner- as the youth involvement in the UN sponsored climate talks demonstrates.

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine, and wish you a pleasant summer.


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