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Year of Youth

In Focus Feature: Internal Voices

CoverToday, as the United Nations International Year of Youth closes, we, the interns of the United Nations (UN) launch the 14th edition of Internal Voices. Since August 2007, interns at the United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (UNRIC) have been producing Internal Voices, a magazine for UN interns written by UN interns. Initially only containing articles from interns in Brussels, this is now a worldwide project. The 14th edition contains articles from interns in all corners of the world from Washington to Nairobi and Bucharest.


International Year of Youth – driving change

IYY logo vertical webThe International Year of Youth comes to an end on 12 August and for many young people it has been a year of great change. In countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Greece and Spain young people have been on the front line leading the calls for change. All over the world young people are working together for a fairer and healthier planet through various initiatives such as the “Change Your World” campaign initiated by Global Changemakers in collaboration with the UN Programme on Youth.


“The tour changed my life”

MCin-Antwerp webKnown to most of the world as Taylor McKessie in Disney’s High School Musical, American actress Monique Coleman has an impressive CV. After this year she can add first-ever UN “Youth Champion” for the International Year of Youth, a title bestowed on her by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at a press conference on 16 November 2010. Travelling around the world ever since, she has been working to realize dialogue and mutual understanding, the theme of this International Year of Youth. When visiting Belgium we managed to ask this very busy young woman a few questions.


UN Youth Champion giving MO in Belgium

MCatWED webOn the occasion of the International Year of Youth, UN Youth Champion, American actress and singer Monique Coleman, best known for her role in the “High School Musical” movies, visited Belgium from 3 to 7 June as part of her “Gimme MO” world tour to give a voice to young people.

Upon arrival in Belgium, Monique immediately traveled to Antwerp, a city in which 30% of the population is younger than 25 and which currently bears the title of European Youth Capital of 2011. In the framework of the first European project around urban arts called ‘Urban Exchange around the Sea’ involving young dancers and coaches from Antwerp, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Liverpool, she enthusiastically danced with young professionals in a series of flashmobs (hyperlink to video) that took place at different hot spots across the town


High-Level meeting on youth calls for strategy on youth unemployment

HLmeetingTo wrap up the International Year of Youth, a High-Level Meeting on Youth was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 25 to 28 July.

The main concern of the member states was youth unemployment and as a result of the meeting they called for the creation of a global strategy on youth employment to anticipate and offset “the negative social and economic consequences of globalization and to maximize its benefits for young people”. Seventeen areas of action on youth issues were noted in the outcome of the High-Level Meeting (A/65/L.87). These areas included specific measures to advance inclusive job creation, skill development and vocational training designed for specific labour market needs. Strengthening of educational opportunities, promoting human rights knowledge among youth, and encouraging dialogue for mutual understanding were also called for in the text. Governments are also urged to support the capacity of youth-led organizations so they can participate in national and international development activities.


Summary of Monique Coleman’s world tour