Saturday, 23 January 2021

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UNV online initiative to mark International Volunteer Day 2011

UNV_LogoJoin United Nations Volunteers (UNV) and Grammy-award winning singer, Angelique Kidjo, in showing the world why volunteering matters. You can help UNV showcase the power of volunteer action in every country. Until 6 December, help light-up the world by watching the weekly video and responding to the weekly question with your best photo and caption.

Every photo submitted will help light up the world map on the website with examples of volunteer action. By participating you are in the running to win the Volunteering Matters photo competition. On 6 December, the UNV Campaign Team will select the three most compelling photos sent in response to each weekly question. The 18 selected finalist photos will be posted on the UNV Facebook page and fans will be asked to vote for their favourite. The photo with the most likes on 7 December will win the title of: Most Compelling Volunteering Matters Photo 2011, and will become the UNV Facebook profile picture for 2012.

Volunteering matters because volunteers have the power to change lives. They build social cohesion, enhance civic participation, mitigate conflict and contribute to a society’s well-being. But, for volunteerism’s full potential to be realized, more conducive policies are needed, and organizations need to advocate for the key role volunteer action has in attaining sustainable development.

Because volunteering matters, on 5 December UNV will launch the first-ever State of the World’s Volunteerism Report. UNV want to hear your views on Facebook and Twitter, especially as momentum builds towards the tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers culminating with celebrations in many countries and a discussion at the UN General Assembly on volunteerism. Between now and 5 December, follow the weekly discussions and let UNV know what you think.

Bookmark the website to stay tuned for more on IYY+10 and the report launch.

On 7 December, UNV will reveal a digital mosaic made-up of your photos right here. This will be a snapshot of our volunteering world. So, in this very special year, let’s all show the world why volunteering matters.

Light-up our world PSA

Interview with Angelique Kidjo about UNV and why it matters


  • Every year about 7,500 people register as volunteers through the UNV.

  • People from over 160 countries serve as volunteers in over 130 different countries.

  • 80 percent come from developing countries, 20 percent from industrialized nations.

  • 40 percent work in Africa, 26 percent work in Asia and 15 per cent in Central and Eastern Europe; the remainder are to be found in the Arab States, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

  • 30 percent serve in the world's poorest nations. Half work outside capital cities, frequently in remote towns and villages.

Requirements for a UN Volunteer:

  • You need to be aged 25 or more to be an on-field volunteer. Younger people can become online volunteers.

  • You need to hold a university degree.

  • You need two years of work experience.