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UNRIC Library Newsletter – April 2005

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UNRIC Library Newsletter – April 2005
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Dag Hammarskjöld Centenary Lectures and Conversations Series
“The Dag Hammarskjöld Library marks the centenary of the birth of former Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld, and sees this as an opportunity to reaffirm his legacy, the values and impact of the work of the United Nations. To honour the memory of Dag Hammarskjöld, the Library is organizing a Lectures and Conversations Series with the support of the Government of Sweden.”

General Assembly Committee on Information
Twenty-seventh session: 18-28 April 2005


Official Document System (ODS) – Additional Search Option
“The United Nations today announced the availability of an additional search capability on its Official Document System (ODS).  In its current state, users have access to two search forms that use combined metadata and full text search options.  The new addition, to be known as “Global Search”, is based on a very popular, widely used global search engine that will provide ODS users with familiar and flexible search options.  Access to this search option may be obtained through http://documents.un.org, the home page of its public Official Document System.” (Press Release PI/1642, 15 April 2005)

Peace & Security

2005 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)
2 - 27 May 2005, New York

A comprehensive strategy to eliminate future sexual exploitation and abuse in UN peacekeeping operations (A/59/710, 29 March 2005)
(The report was prepared by Prince Zeid Ra'ad Zeid Al-Hussein, the Permanent Representative of Jordan)
English, French & Spanish: http://www.un.org/Docs/journal/asp/ws.asp?m=A/59/710

Report of the Mission of Inquiry into the Circumstances, Causes and Consequences of the 14 February Beirut Bombing (S/2005/203, 24 March 2005)
English, French, Spanish: http://www.un.org/Docs/journal/asp/ws.asp?m=S/2005/203

Second Interim Report issued by the Independent Inquiry Committee into the United Nations Oil-for-Food Programme, on 29 March 2005

The Surge in UN Peacekeeping: a photo exhibit [opening on 4 April 2005]

United Nations Mission in the Sudan (UNMIS)

Economic & Social Development

Arab Human Development Report 2004: Towards Freedom in the Arab World

(Please note: The electronic copy in English is available for US $10)

Global Monitoring Report 2005 (World Bank)
Millennium Development Goals: From Consensus to Momentum

International Decade for Action "Water for Life": 2005-2015
English: http://www.un.org/waterforlifedecade/
French: Decennie internationale d’action : L’eau, source de vie (2005-2015)
Spanish: Decenio Internacional de Acción : El Agua Fuente de Vida (2005-2015) http://www.un.org/spanish/events/waterday/2005/

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Synthesis Report http://www.millenniumassessment.org//en/Products.Synthesis.aspx
Summary for Decision Makers is available in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Progress for World Children: A Report Card on Gender on Gender Parity and Primary Education (UNICEF)
English: http://www.unicef.org/progressforchildren/2005n2/index.php
French: Progrès pour les enfants: Un bilan de l’enseignement primaire et la parité des sexes : http://www.unicef.org/french/progressforchildren/2005n2/
Spanish: Progreso para la Infancia: Un balance sobre la enseñanza primaria y la paridad entre los géneros : http://www.unicef.org/spanish/progressforchildren/2005n2/

The State of the World's Forests 2005 (FAO)
English: http://www.fao.org/forestry/site/21407/en
French: Situation des forêts du monde -  http://www.fao.org/forestry/site/sofo/fr
Spanish: Situación de los Bosques del Mundo – http://www.fao.org/forestry/site/sofo/3 

World Health Report 2005: Make every mother and child count (WHO)
English: http://www.who.int/whr/2005/en/index.html
French: Rapport sur la santé dans le monde, 2005 - donnons sa chance à chaque mère et à chaque enfant - http://www.who.int/whr/2005/fr/index.html
Spanish: Informe sobre la salud en el mundo 2005 - ¡cada madre y cada niño contarán! - http://www.who.int/whr/2005/es/index.html

World Telecommunication Day [observed on 17 May] - "Creating an equitable Information Society: Time for Action"
English: http://www.itu.int/newsroom/wtd/2005/index.html
French: Journée Mondiale des Télécommunications: "Créer une société de l’information équitable: il est temps d’agir"
Spanish: Día Mundial de las Telecomunicaciones: "Creación de una sociedad de la información equitativa: llegó el momento de actuar" –

Humanitarian Affairs

Humanitarian Action Report 2005 (UNICEF)

International Law

11th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
“Synergies and Responses: Strategic Alliances in Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice”

18-25 April 2005, Bangkok, Thailand

Special Treaty Event: Treaties on Organized Crime, Corruption and Terrorism (Bangkok, Thailand and United Nations  Headquarters on 23 - 25 April 2005)
English: Depository Notification: http://untreaty.un.org/English/TreatyEvent2005/CN85_E.pdf
French: Notification Dépositaire: http://untreaty.un.org/French/TreatyEvent2005/CN85_F.pdf

Treaty Event: Focus 2005 – Responding to Global Challenges (14 - 16 September 2005)
English: http://untreaty.un.org/English/TreatyEvent2005/List.asp
Depository Notification: http://untreaty.un.org/English/TreatyEvent2005/CN53_E.pdf
French: http://untreaty.un.org/French/TreatyEvent2005/List_fr.asp
Notification Dépositaire: http://untreaty.un.org/French/TreatyEvent2005/CN53_F.pdf