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UNRIC Library Newsletter – September 2005

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UNRIC Library Newsletter – September 2005
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UN in General

Global Compact - Business Unusual: Facilitating United Nations Reform Through Partnerships
The report explores how partnerships with business act as a catalyst for reform and institutional innovation throughout the UN organization by infusing private sector management practices and performance-based thinking. “Business UNusual” concludes that partnerships have an increasingly important role to play as a complementary approach to the conventional instruments of international cooperation and development.

Global Compact – Towards Responsible Lobbying: Leadership and Public Policy

Regional Commissions Development Update Newsletter
“This newsletter, produced by the Regional Commissions New York Office, gives a regional perspective to the implementation strategy of the Millennium Development Goals, as well as of the Monterrey Consensus on financing for development. Also highlighted is the regional follow-up to the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva, leading up to the Tunis Summit in November 2005.”

United Nations Geographical Information Working Group (UNGIWG) – new website

United Nations Millennium Development Goals – new website

United Nations Protocol and Liaison Service – new website

United Nations Reform
UN Reform Dossier: 1997 – 2005: 
Status of UN Management Reforms as at 5 September 2005:

United Nations System Calendar of Media Events
This calendar provides brief descriptions of launches of major United Nations reports, conferences and meetings, and special events at United Nations Headquarters and in locations around the world.  Contact information for the media is also included for each entry in the calendar, maintained by the United Nations Communications Group.

World Summit – Related Reports produced by UN Agencies

World Trade Organization (WTO) – Documents online
“This database provides access to the official documentation of the World Trade Organization, including the legal texts of the WTO agreements. The database contains WTO documentation from 1995 onwards and is updated daily. It also contains selected material for the period 1986-1994, principally Uruguay Round documents and a small number of GATT documents. There are currently over 100,000 documents in the database in the three official languages of the WTO.”

Peace & Security

Third report of the Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team appointed pursuant to resolution 1526 (2004) concerning Al-Qaida and the Taliban and associated individuals and entities (S/2005/572, 9 September 2005)
English, French and Spanish:

Economic & Social Development

Crime and Development in Africa (UNODC)

Decent Work - Safe Work, ILO Introductory Report to the XVIIth World Congress on Safety and Health at Work (ILO)

Economic and Social Development – UN website has been redesigned

Global Financial Stability Report: Market Developments and Issues (IMF)

Health and the Millennium Development Goals report (WHO Report)

Investing in the Children of the Islamic World (UNICEF)

Progress of the World’s Women 2005: Women, Work & Poverty (UNIFEM report)

Report on the World Social Situation 2005: The Inequality Predicament
Media kit:

World Economic Outlook: Building Institutions (IMF)

World Resources 2005: The Wealth of the Poor: Managing Ecosystems to Fight Poverty
This is the 11th in a series of biennial reports on global environment and governance issues published since 1984. This particular report’s focus is on poverty issues follows upon conclusions from the previous two reports – the first was about ecosystems and the second was about governance. Since 1996, the series has been published jointly by The World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Environment Programme, and the World Resources Institute.The Press Release is also available online in Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Dutch and Norwegian.