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UNRIC Library Newsletter - July 2014 - New titles

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UNRIC Library Newsletter - July 2014
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added to the library collection in July

I    General Information and Reference

The Millennium Development Goals Report 2014.
United Nations. New York. 2014. 56 p. Includes 2014 Progress Chart.
ISBN 978-92-1-101308-5.
Progress chart:

Objectifs du Millénaire pour le développement: Rapport de 2013.
Nations Unies. New York. 2013. 60 p.
Tableau de suivi:

Objetivos de desarrollo del Milenio: Informe de 2013.
Naciones Unidas. Nueva York. 2013. 60 p.
Tabla de progreso:

II.D    Trade, Finance and Commerce

World Investment Report 2014: Investing in the SDGs; an Action Plan.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2014. xxxv, 228 p. (UNCTAD/WIR/2014)
Sales No. E.14.II.D.1. ISBN 978-92-1-112873-4.
Online version: