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UNRIC Library Newsletter - January 2010 - New titles

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UNRIC Library Newsletter - January 2010
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added to the library collection in January

0    Geneva Publications

EU-UN Cooperation in Peacebuilding: Partners in Practice? / Catriona Gourlay.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2009. xxviii, 166 p. (UNIDIR/2009/7)
Online version:

Unacceptable Harm: a history of how the treaty to ban cluster munitions was won / by John  Borrie.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2009. xxvii, 532 p. (UNIDIR/2009/8)
Sales No. GV.E.09.0.8. ISBN 978-92-9045-196-9.
Description available at

I    General Information and Reference

Index to Proceedings of the Economic and Social Council: Organizational session – 2008, Substantive session - 2008.
United Nations. New York. 2009. xxi, 116 p. (ST/LIB/SER.B/E.85)
Sales No. E.09.I.15. ISBN 978-92-1-101202-6.

II.D    Trade, Finance and Commerce

Investment Policy Review: Republic of Belarus.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2009. xi, 111 p. (UNCTAD/DIAE/PCB/2009/10)
Sales No. E.09.II.D.19. ISBN 978-92-1-112780-5.
Online version:

The Role of International Investment Agreements in Attracting Foreign Direct Investment to Developing Countries. (UNCTAD Series on International Investment Policies for Development)
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2009. xvi, 145 p. (UNCTAD/DIAE/IA/2009/5)
Sales No. E.09.II.D.20. ISBN 978-92-1-112781-2.
Online version:

Transnational Corporations, Volume 18, Number 1, April 2009. viii, 183 p.
United Nations Conferences on Trade and Development. Division on Investment, Technology and Enterprise Development. (UNCTAD/DIAE/IA/2009/7 (Vol.18, No.1))
ISBN 978-92-1-112779-9.
Online version:

III.D    United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Our Planet: “Climate Change”. December 2009.
United Nations Environment Programme. 35 p.
Online version:

Notre Planète : « Le changement climatique ». Decembre 2009.
Programme des Nations Unies pour l’environnement. 34 p.
Online version:

Nuestro Planeta: “El cambio climático”. Diciembre 2009.
Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente. 35 p.
Online version:

III.T    International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO)

Forum de comercio internacional, numéro 2, 2009. 34 p.
“Ayuda para el comercio inversión en la gente”
Online version:

Forum du commerce international, numéro 2, 2009. 34 p.
“L’Aide pour le commerce: Investir dans les personnes”
Online version:

Guía de Indicaciones Geográficas : Vinculación de los Productos con su Origen.
Centro de Comercio Internacional. Ginebra. 2009 xxi, 221 p. (ITC/P228.E/DMD/SC/09-11)
Sales No. S.09.III.T.2., ISBN 978-92-9137-368-0

Guide to Geographical Indicators: Linking Products and their Origins.
International Trade Center. Geneva. 2009. xix, 207 p. (ITC/P228.E/DMD/SC/09-11)
Sales No. E.09.III.T.2. ISBN 978-92-9137-365-9.

IV    Social Questions

State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.
United Nations. New York. 2009. x, 238 p. (ST/ESA/328)
Sales No. E.09.VI.13. ISBN 978-92-1-130283-7.
Online version:

V    International Law

Yearbook of the International Law Commission 2000, Volume II, Part One: Documents of the fifty-second session.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2009. iv, 284 p. (A/CN.4/SER.A/2000/Add.1 (Part 1))
Sales No. E.03.V.7 (Part 1). ISBN 978-92-1-133531-6.
Online version:

Yearbook of the International Law Commission 2003, Volume I: Summary records of the meetings of the fifty-fifth session 5 May-6 June and 7 July-8 August 2003.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2009. xxiii, 271 p. (A/CN.4/SER.A/2003)
Sales No. E.09.V.2. ISBN 978-92-1-133786-0.
Online version:

XIII     Demography

World Mortality 2009.
United Nations. New York. 2009. Wall chart. (ST/ESA/SER.A/286)
Sales No. E.09.XIII.4. ISBN 978-92-1-151452-0.
Online version:

XIV    Human Rights (including Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights - OHCHR)

Rule-of-law Tools for Post-conflict States: National consultations on transitional justice.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2009. vi, 34 p. (HR/PUB/09/2)
Sales No. E.09.XIV.2. ISBN 978-92-1-154188-5.
Online version:

World Health Organization (WHO)

Droits de l'homme, santé et stratégies de réduction de la pauvreté (Série de publications santé et droits humains, No. 5)
Organisation mondiale de la Santé, Haut-Commissariat aux droits de l’homme. Genève. 2008. 90 p.
ISBN 978-92-4-256374-0    

WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2009: Implementing smoke-free environments.
World Health Organization. Geneva. 2009. 136 p. plus CD-ROM.
ISBN 978-92-4-156391-8.
Online version: