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UNRIC Library Newsletter - March 2008

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UNRIC Library Newsletter - March 2008
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UN in General

60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
English: http://www.un.org/events/humanrights/udhr60/
French: http://www.un.org/french/events/humanrights/udhr60/

Conférences et célébrations organisées ou accueillies par l’Organisation des Nations Unies (Document de référence n°47, février 2008)

JIU report on NCRE exams (A/62/707)
English, French and Spanish: http://www.un.org/Docs/journal/asp/ws.asp?m=A/62/707
The Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) has issued a new report, Review of the national competitive recruitment examination as a recruitment tool (A/62/707). The report concludes that, in general, the exam provides the organization with qualified professional staff, but that the average time to complete the cycle of an exam is excessively long. The JIU makes several recommendations, and the report has annexes with statistical information about the NCRE.

Nouveau portail des questions thématiques sur l'habitat

Repertoire of the Practice of the Security Council 1989-1992
The latest addition to the Repertoire of the Practice of the Security Council has been issued. This sales publication (05.VII.1) provides a guide to the proceedings of the Security Council for the years 1989-1992, a period when the Council's practice expanded in the areas of conflict prevention, peacekeeping, and electoral assistance. This is the eleventh supplement in the series. The full text of each chapter for all years 1946-1992 is posted on the website of the Security Council. Advanced versions of the forthcoming issues covering the years 1993-2007 are also linked. Each supplement follows the same chapter structure.

UN Radio Classics
United Nations Audio Library presents UN Radio Classics, an online archive of documentary and dramatic programmes starring Audrey Hepburn, Kirk Douglas and Bing Crosby, among many others. These programmes, available free of charge with digitally remastered sound, offer a unique way of experiencing key historical moments of the United Nations and of the world throughout the second half of the 20th century.

UNData – new database
The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) launched on 20 February a new internet based data service for the global user community.  It brings UN statistical databases within easy reach of users through a single entry point. 14 databases and 6 glossaries containing statistical information (over 55 million data points) over the past 60 years from member states on a variety of topics, including Population, Industry, Energy, Trade and National Accounts. Users can now search and download a variety of statistical resources of the UN system.

“United Nations System-wide Coherence: The Next Steps”
4-5 March 2008, Vienna International Centre, Vienna, Austria
The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is organizing the high level dialogue United Nations System-wide Coherence: The Next Steps on 4-5 March 2008, in Vienna. This high-level conference will provide a platform for interactive and action-oriented discussions on the development aspects of system-wide coherence and the Delivering as One initiative (A/61/583: http://www.un.org/Docs/journal/asp/ws.asp?m=A/61/583) among representatives of governments, aid agencies and United Nations system organizations. The key aim is to reach a common understanding of the issues involved and ways of moving forward.

United Nations Board of Auditors
English: http://www.un.org/auditors/board/
French: http://www.un.org/french/auditors/board/
Spanish: http://www.un.org/spanish/auditors/board/
United Nations Panel of External Auditors
English: http://www.un.org/auditors/panel/
French: http://www.un.org/french/auditors/panel/
Spanish: http://www.un.org/spanish/auditors/panel/
These two bodies provide assurance to Member States and other stakeholders regarding the use of the organization’s resources. The websites provide background on the mandates of the bodies and also the "modus operandi" of each.

Peace & Security

Afghanistan situation report (A/62/722-S/2008/159)
English, French & Spanish: http://www.un.org/Docs/journal/asp/ws.asp?m=S/2008/159
The latest report of the Secretary-General on the situation in Afghanistan has been issued (A/62/722-S/2008/159). The report highlights challenges and calls for a cooperative approach that addresses security, governance, rule of law, human rights and social and economic development issues.

Combating Illicit Trafficking in Nuclear and Other Radioactive Material (IAEA)
The new IAEA publication is intended for individuals and organizations that may be called upon to deal with the detection of and response to criminal or unauthorized acts involving nuclear or other radioactive material. The manual emphasizes the international initiatives for improving the security of nuclear and other radioactive material, and considers a variety of elements that are recognized as being essential for dealing with incidents of criminal or unauthorized acts involving such material.

Mission d’administration intérimaire des Nations Unies au Kosovo - Nouveau portail en français

UN Peacekeeping Capstone Doctrine
The Department of Peacekeeping Operations Best Practices Section has posted the UN Peacekeeping Capstone Doctrine. According to the site, "To develop this landmark document, DPKO engaged in a wide consultative process involving a series of “expert-level”, regional workshops, which brought together representatives of the major troop and police contributors, donor countries, UN staff and leading academics. Consultations were also held with Member States and UN system partners in New York to ensure that their views and concerns were fully taken into account. The document constitutes the first attempt in over a decade to clarify the nature and scope of UN peacekeeping operations for the benefit of peacekeeping practitioners and partners. It should be considered a living document that will need to be updated and reviewed to reflect the evolution of UN peacekeeping operations."

United Nations Peace Operations: Year in Review 2007
The report – issued by the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) - provides an overview of the activities and a summary of changes to the UN's work in peace operations, both at headquarters and in the field. The Secretary-General has restructured the Department of Peacekeeping Operations and has established a separate Department of Field Support. The report provides summaries of the major activities and tables and graphs of mission statistics.

Economic & Social Development

Climate Neutral Network (UNEP)
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launched Climate Neutral Network, a web-based project to federate the growing wave of nations, local authorities and companies who are pledging to significantly reduce emissions en route to zero emission economies, communities and businesses. According to the site, "Small changes in our daily life may contribute positively in reducing our climate footprint without necessarily compromising the world."

Global Employment Trends for Women (ILO report)
English: http://www.ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public/---dgreports/---dcomm/

French: http://www.ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public/---dgreports/---dcomm/

Spanish: http://www.ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public/---dgreports/---dcomm/

In honour of International Women's Day, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has issued a new report on Global Employment Trends for Women: March 2008. According to the report, more women are working than ever before, but they are also more likely than men to get low-productivity, low-paid and vulnerable jobs, with no social protection, basic rights nor voice at work.

Green Jobs: towards sustainable work in a low–carbon world

A preliminary report on Green Jobs brings together evidence about currently existing green jobs in sectors such as renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings and vehicles, sustainable transportation, and organic agriculture, and presents estimates for future green employment. A joint effort of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), International Labour Organization (ILO), and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), and prepared by the Worldwatch Institute, the report aims to fill a gap in what is known about green jobs, especially in the developing world. The complete report is due in April 2008.

Green Passport (UNEP)
English & French: http://www.unep.fr/greenpassport/
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has launched Green Passport, a website with tips for environmentally responsible tourism. The site aims to raise tourists' awareness of their potential to contribute to sustainable development by making responsible travel choices.

INCB Report 2007
English: http://www.incb.org/incb/en/annual-report-2007.html
French: http://www.incb.org/incb/fr/annual-report-2007.html
Spanish: http://www.incb.org/incb/es/annual-report-2007.html
The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) has issued its 2007 Annual Report. The report discusses the disproportionate application of drug laws between different countries and regions. According to the press release, some countries focus attention on low-level offenders and drug users instead of targeting major drug trafficking activities and their perpetrators.

Potato Photography Contest (FAO)
English: http://www.potato2008.org/en/photocontest/
French: http://www.potato2008.org/fr/concours/index.html
Spanish: http://www.potato2008.org/es/concurso/index.html
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has launched the International Year of the Potato World Photography Contest. According to the site, "The contest is an invitation to reflect on the potato's key role in agriculture, the economy and world food security, to offer new insights into potato biodiversity, cultivation, processing, trade, marketing and consumption, and to contribute to a free and international exchange of information on this globally important food crop."

Pro-poor Land Policy (UN-HABITAT)
The UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) issued a report on How to Develop a Pro-poor Land Policy - Process, Guide and Lessons. According to the introduction, "developing new land policies can be a long and difficult process. It is even more so if the policies are to be pro-poor – if they are to help correct the disadvantages that poor people typically suffer in many areas of land policy."

Putting Young People Into National Poverty Reduction Strategies: A Guide to Statistics on Young People in Poverty (UNFPA)
This new guide published by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) shows how to use accessible databases on the Internet to provide individual countries with a statistical profile of young people in poverty.

Renewables 2007: Global Status Report (UNEP)
Renewables 2007, a new report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), provides an overview of the status of renewable energy worldwide in 2007 and discusses trends in markets, investments, industries, policies, and rural (off-grid) renewable energy. According to the report, renewables are quickly becoming an important component of the mainstream energy sector.

UN E-Government Survey 2008: From E-Government to Connected Governance (DESA report)
The report assesses the e-government readiness of the 192 UN Member States based on website assessment, telecommunication infrastructure, and human resource endowment.

UNEP Resource Kit
Explore UNEP's wide range of resources for governments, policy-makers, civil society, the private sector and the public. This central repository includes training manuals, databases, clearing-houses and other resources.

UNFPA workshop for Iraqi women

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has issued a report on a workshop held in Istanbul, Turkey, in June 2007 for Iraqi women leaders, called, "Conflict Resolution, Communication Skills and Organizational Management”. The workshop trained leaders of Iraqi Non-Governmental Organizations in the skills to participate in rehabilitation and peace processes. According to the report, since 2004, despite the country’s security problems, the number of women working in NGOs has increased, challenging traditional gender roles, beliefs and practices.

Women Make the News 2008 (UNESCO)
English: http://portal.unesco.org/ci/en/ev.php-URL_ID=18295&URL_DO=

French: http://portal.unesco.org/ci/fr/ev.php-URL_ID=18295&URL_DO=

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has launched a new initiative to promote gender equality in the media, Women Make the News 2008. According to the website, "Women Make the News 2008 has two goals: to highlight the need to promote women journalists to decision-making positions throughout the world, and to promote gender equality in newsrooms. We wish to invite print and broadcast media to share with us features, articles, interviews and TV and radio programmes dedicated to this year’s theme Women’s Untold Stories to highlight women’s multiple talents, achievements and contributions to their communities. "

World Bank - Google maps mashup
The World Bank has a mashup of its projects with Google Maps. The default map shows where the World Bank works; click the location for access to country-level statistical data, World Bank news about the locale, and project descriptions.

World Food Situation Portal (FAO)
English: http://www.fao.org/worldfoodsituation/
French: http://www.fao.org/worldfoodsituation/accueil.html?L=1
Spanish: http://www.fao.org/worldfoodsituation/inicio.html?L=2
The United Nations Food and Agriculature Organization (FAO) has a new portal on the World Food Situation to offer the latest information on food commodity prices, supply and demand, and factors that affect world food markets. The portal brings together news, data and reports on the topic.

World Urbanization Prospects: The 2007 Revision - Highlights (DESA report)
The Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs has issued Highlights of the 2007 Revision of World Urbanization Prospects. The report contains key findings, and some graphs and tables. By the end of this year, half of the world’s 6.7 billion people will live in urban areas and future growth of the world’s urban population will be concentrated in Asia and Africa.

Human Rights

Human Rights Special Procedures: Facts and Figures 2007 (OHCHR)
"Special procedures" is the name given to the mechanisms, such as Independent Experts or Special Rapporteurs, etc., established by the UN to address either specific country situations or thematic issues in all parts of the world. The new brochure provides an overview of their activities for the year, such as country visits, thematic events, joints activities, reports, communications and press statements. The document also provides some examples of the impact of special procedures' work on the ground.

OHCHR publications
The recently redesigned website of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has a Publications page, with links to pages on various kinds of publications available full-text online. In addition to Recent Publications, the main categories are: Human Rights basics, Fact Sheets, Special issues, Reference, and Training and Education. Each section has titles in English with links to other language versions of the publications, when available.

Stop Rape Now (new UNFPA website)
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has launched a new website, “Stop Rape Now: UN action against sexual violence in conflict”. The site provides suggestions for individual action, and links to agencies in the UN system working to end sexual violence.

UNHCR Handbook for the Protection of Women and Girls
The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has issued a new Handbook for the Protection of Women and Girls. The Handbook aims to help UNHCR staff fulfil their responsibilities to protect women and girls of concern including those who are: asylum-seekers, refugees, internally displaced, returnees, stateless, or who have integrated into new communities.

UNITE to end violence against women
English: http://www.un.org/women/endviolence/
French: http://www.un.org/french/women/endviolence/
Spanish: http://www.un.org/spanish/women/endviolence/
One in three women in the world is likely to be subjected to violence in her lifetime. The Secretary-General has launched a campaign to end violence against women, in conjunction with the opening of the 52nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women.

Witness protection manual (UNODC)
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has launched a manual on Good Practices in the Protection of Witnesses in Criminal Proceedings Involving Organized Crime. The publication aims at assisting UN Member States develop comprehensive programs for the protection of victims and witnesses of crime. The good practices identified in the manual include: early identification of vulnerable and intimidated witnesses; management of witnesses by the police; protection of witness identity during court testimony; and, if necessary, permanent relocation and re-identification.   

Humanitarian Affairs

Civil-Military Cooperation (OCHA)
The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has posted two new publications to its website:
These publications aim to help humanitarian aid workers handle civil-military cooperation in line with laws, standards and principles, in a manner that respects and appropriately reflects humanitarian concerns at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

UNICEF Humanitarian Action Report 2008
The UNICEF Humanitarian Action Report 2008 looks at the funding requirements for 2008 and 2007 emergency funding, reviews lessons learned from the tsunami disaster, and has regional and country information. The main page has a search feature, related video and photo essays, and the pdf download center offers many options for selecting sections of the report.