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UNRIC Library Newsletter - December 2007

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UNRIC Library Newsletter - December 2007
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UN in General

Human Development Report 2007/2008: Fighting climate change: Human solidarity in a divided world (UNDP)
The report explains why we have less than a decade to change course and start living within our global carbon budget. It also illustrates how climate change will create long-run low human development traps, pushing vulnerable people into a downward spiral of deprivation.

New NGO website of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)
The NGO Section has launched its new web site with in-depth information for its users, focusing specially on the use of improved search tools and information required by the NGOs in consultative status and those applying for status through the website. Additionally, members of the civil society will be able to access information on how to participate in the new functions of ECOSOC including the blog on the AMR Innovation Fair which will allow interactive inputs on best practices and success stories in the field of sustainable development through Updates on the activities of the civil society are available through the page on UN-NGO-IRENE (United Nations Informal Regional Network).

Strengthening DPA (A/62/521)
English, French & Spanish:
A new Secretary-General's report on the proposed programme budget details proposed changes to the Department of Political Affairs (A/62/521). The proposals include reconfiguring the Department to be more field-oriented and strengthening the Organization’s work on areas of tension and possible conflict, so it is better able to detect problems and devise and implement diplomatic solutions. An annex includes a revised organization chart.

United Nations Climate Change Conference - Bali, 3 - 14 December 2007

Peace & Security

Kosovo Troika report ((S/2007/723)
English, French, Spanish:
The European Union/United States/Russian Federation Troika on Kosovo report has been issued as a UN document (S/2007/723). According to the summary,
"The Troika was able to facilitate high-level, intense and substantive discussions between Belgrade and Pristina. Nonetheless, the parties were unable to reach an agreement on the final status of Kosovo. Neither party was willing to cede its position on the fundamental question of sovereignty over Kosovo."

Portfolio of Mine Action Projects 2008 (UN Mine Action Service (DPKO) / UNDP / UNICEF)
The 11th edition analysis of the problems of landmines and explosive remnants of war in countries or territories with mine action programs that are supported or managed by the United Nations. The Portfolio also lists proposals for mine action projects and details their costs.

Sanctions Monitoring (S/2007/677)
English, French & Spanish:
The seventh report of the Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team, a subsidiary of the Security Council Commmittee established pursuant to resolution 1267 (1999) concerning Al-Qaida and the Taliban and associated individuals and entities, has been issued (S/2007/677). The report discusses difficulties related to implementing and monitoring sanctions. 

Economic & Social Development

2007 AIDS epidemic update (WHO /UNAIDS report)
Global HIV prevalence - the percentage of people living with HIV - has levelled off and the number of new infections has fallen, according to new data released by WHO and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). The estimates indicate that 33.2 million people are living with HIV in 2007.

2007 Report on the World Social Situation: The Employment Imperative
Full report in English:
Summary available in English, French and Spanish
After a solid and broad-based growth for three consecutive years, the world economy is expected to decelerate in 2007, mainly dragged by a slowdown of the United States. This report is a joint product of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the five United Nations regional commissions. It provides an overview of recent global economic performance and short-term prospects for the world economy and of some key global economic policy.

Education for all monitoring report (UNESCO report)
Full report:
UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, has launched the Global Monitoring Report on Education for All. Although the number of children enrolled in primary school, the percentage of girls attending classes and the amount of money spent on education have all increased in the past decade, adult illiteracy levels remain high and the cost of schooling in much of the world continues to limit access for millions of children.

Liveable Cities: The Benefits of Urban Environmental Planning
The report, published by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), Cities Alliance and ICLEI -Local Governments for Sustainability, showcases 12 examples of cities around the world.
Our stories (UNICEF)
Press release:
Our Stories aims to help people, including children, share the stories of their lives. The website, launched by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Google and the non-profit organization One Laptop per Child, allows children to record and share their stories online in their own languages and map them on a Google Map.

Progress for Children: A World Fit for Children Statistical Review
This interactive UNICEF report reviews world progress on meeting commitments for children in four priority areas: promoting healthy lives, providing a quality education, combating HIV and AIDS, and protecting against abuse, exploitation and violence.

Renewables 2007: Global Status Report (UNEP)
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has issued a summary report of the Renewables Global Status Report 2007 for the Bali Climate Change Conference. The report, to be released in January, shows that renewable energy sources continue to grow and that renewable energy has evolved rapidly from an 'alternative' source of energy to a mainstream energy option.

Social Panorama of Latin America 2007 (ECLAC report)
This report - prepared jointly by the Social Development Division and the Statistics and Economic Projections Division of ECLAC - presents an overview of the main social trends in Latin America today.       

UNDP Annual Report 2007: Making globalization work for all

UNFPA Annual Report 2006
English, French and Spanish:
The United Nations Population Fund Annual Report 2006 highlights UNFPA’s efforts throughout the year assisting 154 developing and transition countries and territories to empower women and men to make the choices necessary to improve their lives. The report also documents the record-breaking number of donors and resources mobilized in 2006, with details of how and where the money was spent. Each chapter of the report features an individual whose life was touched by the work of UNFPA in 2006.

The World Meteorological Organization’s Contribution to Improved Decision Making for Climate Adaptation – WMO Position Paper

Human Rights

18 Candles: The Convention on the Rights of the Child Reaches Majority (OHCHR booklet)

Humanitarian Affairs

OCHA special focus: The closure of the Gaza Strip - The economic and humanitarian consequences, December 2007
Full report: