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UNRIC Library Newsletter - July 2007

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UNRIC Library Newsletter - July 2007
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UN in General

2007 Millennium Development Goals Report
2007 marks the mid-point from the time the goals were adopted to their completion date in 2015. According to the report, although progress towards implementing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) has been made, their overall success is still far from assured and will depend on whether developed countries make good on their aid commitments.

A/INF/62/1 (3 July 2007): Opening dates of forthcoming regular sessions of the General Assembly and dates of the general debate: 62nd session: note / by the Secretariat
English, French, Spanish:
Please note: Opening date for the 62nd session will be 18 September 2007.

Forum on Youth and ICT for Development
The United Nations Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Development on 21 June launched the website of the Forum on Youth and ICT for Development, to be held on 24-26 September in Geneva, Switzerland. The Youth Forum aims to involve young people in discussions with policymakers, thought leaders and representatives from the private sector and civil society, and to explore ways to empower them and encourage their full participation in society through the use of ICT. The website will feature information and updates about the Forum and includes a blog to stimulate conversation within the Global Alliance’s main areas of concentration -- education, entrepreneurship, governance and health.

Security Council reform reports
Two latest reports on the Security Council reform are available online only.


Peace & Security

Lebanon Independent Border Assessment Team Report (S/2007/382)

English, French, Spanish:
A new letter of the Secretary-General to the Security Council transmits the report of the Lebanon Independent Border Assessment Team. According to the report, the team visited Lebanon from 27 May to 15 June 2007, and worked with the Lebanese government to "assess all aspects of Lebanese border security with special emphasis on preventive measures against arms smuggling." The report contains recommendations of the Team, including the establishment of a multi-agency mobile force focused on arms smuggling in the border area.

Liberia Panel of Experts (S/2007/340)
English, French, Spanish:
The report of the Panel of Experts on Liberia has been issued. The Panel investigates sanctions on arms, diamonds and on individuals and entities deemed a threat to regional peace, and assesses the effectiveness of those sanctions, as well as their humanitarian and socioeconomic impact. The report covers the work of the Panel to June 2007.


Economic & Social Development

Agricultural Outlook 2007-2016 (Joint OECD-FAO report)
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have issued a joint report entitled, Agricultural Outlook 2007-2016. According to the report, increased demand for bio-fuels is causing fundamental changes to agricultural markets that could drive up world prices for many farm products.

Global Compact Summit Declaration
The second United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit was held 5-6 July in Geneva. Participants, including business leaders from developed and developing countries, pledged to comply with labour, human rights, environmental and anti-corruption standards. The Geneva Declaration spells out concrete actions for business, governments and United Nations Global Compact participants.

Sudan: Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment (UNEP report)
Synthesis report and press release also available in French.
A new United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report presents the findings of the Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment of Sudan and provides detailed recommendations for follow-up action. The goal of the UNEP assessment was to develop a solid technical basis for medium-term corrective action in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development. The assessment identified a number of critical environmental issues that are closely linked to the country’s social and political challenges.

The United Nations Development Agenda: Development for All  
Published by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) this publication is a review of the distinctive purposes and decisions of United Nations world conferences held between 1990 and 2005 and of their implications for current and future development strategy.

World Drug Report 2007
Press releases in English, French and Spanish:
The Report shows global markets for illicit drugs remained largely stable in 2005-06, while a few years ago the world appeared to be heading for an epidemic of drug abuse.

World Economic and Social Survey 2007
Report in English:
Press Release, Overview and Fact Sheet are also available in French and Spanish.
The full text of the World Economic and Social Survey Survey 2007 is now available on the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs web site. With the theme “Development in an Ageing World”, the survey discusses the opportunities and challenges of ageing populations on world economies and calls for increased and sustained attention from policymakers. It emphasizes that, while the challenges posed by rapidly ageing populations are large, they can be overcome through well-focused planning.


Human Rights

Human Rights and Business Learning Tool
The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights launched  an electronic and interactive learning course for companies on human rights and business at the Global Compact Leaders Summit (5 July 2007) in Geneva. The tool's objective is to help managers and corporate social responsibility professionals in companies participating in the UN Global Compact, as well as those not yet participating, to understand human rights and how they are relevant to their business operations. The tool focuses on the two Global Compact human rights principles that are:
Principle 1: Business should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, and
Principle 2: Make sure that they are not complicit in human right abuses.


Humanitarian Affairs

UNHCR 2006 Global Trends

The UNHCR 2006 Global Trends report released prior to World Refugee Day, Wednesday, 20 June, noted that 2006 marks the end of a five-year downward trend in the number of refugees, largely as a result of the crisis in Iraq. It further noted that during 2006, almost all continents saw at least some progress towards solutions to forced displacement. A total of 2.6 million refugees and internally displaced people returned to their homes, including almost 400,000 to Afghanistan, and around 1.4 million people in Africa.


International Law

Multilateral Treaty Framework: An Invitation to Universal Participation

FOCUS 2007: Towards Universal Participation and Implementation – A Comprehensive Legal Framework for Peace, Development and Human Rights (25-27 September and 1-2 October 2007, United Nations Headquarters)

OPT-OCHA Special focus: Three years later - The humanitarian impact of the barrier since the International Court of Justice opinion, July 2007
Full report:$File/Full_Report.pdf
The report looks at several communities of the northern West Bank, severed by the Barrier from their neighbouring communities, from agricultural lands and livelihoods.