Wednesday, 20 January 2021

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Do you know that businesses can also take a sustainable path?

Stockholm-Environment-Institute webThe UN’s Rio+20 Conference aims to put the world on a more sustainable course. In the hope of creating agreements prior to Rio+20, the UN Global Compact will host the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainable Forum: Innovation & Collaboration for the Future We Want, which takes place from 15-18 of June in Rio.

As stated by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the support of business community leaders is of key importance in the path towards sustainability. Companies and industries around the world are putting sustainability on their agendas, recognizing the urgency of global environmental, social and economic challenges to be tackled. Unleashing the potential of the private sector is crucial for sustainable development on a broader scale, in line with the Rio+20 objectives. In fact, the Corporate Sustainability Leadership: A Framework for Action at Rio+20 and Beyond quotes: “business must be part of the solution” to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

That is why this Forum is important. The aim of the Forum is to create sustainable innovative ideas and better collaboration between companies, governments, civil society and the UN. 

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The Forum offers a unique opportunity for businessmen and investors to discuss six main themes focusing on:

Energy & Climate:
Investments in technologies and efficient solutions to deliver off-grid energy to be affordable for new generations of consumers.
Water & Ecosystems: Building responsible strategies to water risk, advancing the understanding of water resources and developing tools for a sustainable management.
Agriculture & Food: A platform for all stakeholders to identify and implement innovative solutions to food security and sustainable agriculture.
Social Development: Limiting disparities to contribute to the development of more peaceful, just and sustainable societies.
Urbanization & Cities: Cities represent an extraordinary array of human, material and financial resources that can be harnessed for positive and sustainable urban outcomes.
Economics & Finance of Sustainable Development: Sustainable finance and responsible investments to have a more efficient allocation of capital and better achieve longer-term investment goals.