Monday, 18 January 2021

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The Future We Want - the European Perspective

RIO20FWW orig ENIn November 2011, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Rio+20 Secretary-General Sha Zukang announced a new campaign to promote the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development this June in Rio de Janeiro, Rio+20. The Rio+20 Conference will be an opportunity to envision the future we want for our planet twenty years from now.
The campaign, called “The Future We Want”, aims to engage people around the world in an exercise to envision how societies in all parts of the world can build a future that promotes prosperity, equity and improves people’s quality of life while respecting our planet’s limited resources.
The gathered aspirations and visions of the world’s people will be the basis for the exhibition at Rio+20, depicting what sustainable communities around the world might look like 20 years from now at Rio+20.
Today in our large and complicated world, it is still possible for a few people – or even one person — to bring about historic change. It’s evident the environmental costs of our 70-year-old development model can no longer be sustained.
Luckily, there are many of us out there with a vision of a better future. We have gathered a few examples for you. What these visions share in common, is the wish for a sustainable future not to remain an abstraction, but a reality that can be achieved through mutual efforts.

Damien Mercier, Belgium
The goal of each and everyone should be well being, personal as well as that of the community. I imagine a world where politicians make decisions based on a long-term perspective, and not for the best of the financial markets.

Emily Lewis-Brown, United Kingdom
I dream of a world where our children are safe, happy and healthy. My son asks that world leaders learn the things we teach to our children – to share, be kind to one another and look after the world.

Clara McGhee, United Kingdom
The future I want is one where social equity goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability. I hope Rio+20 acknowledges this and sees cities as a chance to develop sustainably; providing homes, services, jobs and a comfortable quality of life for all within the environmental limits of earth.