Beyond the classroom: UN Staff celebrates UN Day with world-champion Amal Amjahid

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 UN staff giving a presentation to a group of 50 young people in a youth center in Molenbeek

As part of the 'Back To School' initiative during which UN staff members visit their old school to celebrate UN Day, the UNRIC Deputy Director was invited by Amal Amjahid, the 23-years-old world champion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to discuss the relevance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of the United Nations for citizens today.

By giving this informal presentation to a group of 50 young people in a youth center in Molenbeek, she went beyond the classroom and was able to reach out to community members who dedicate their free time to providing free after-school learning support to local children. Amal's coach at the CENS’ martial art academy insisted on the importance of education as an essential part of his coaching. “You cannot attend a competition without good scores at school,” Khalid Houry said. The spirit of solidarity lives and breathes at CENS Academy, when Amal was asked what her favorite goal is, she said there are many but education is at the heart of her development as an athlete. “Quality education and sport have enabled me to grow and to develop as a person and that is what I see happening with other young athletes now.” Afterwards, Amal Amjahid showed the UN team how her community is already implementing some of the SDGs on a daily basis.