Saturday, 16 January 2021

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Denmark to support UN reform financially

DSG Amina Mohammed at World Water Week 2018, Stockholm, Sweden 

United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed has wrapped up a visit that has taken her to 3 Nordic countries in 4 days.

In Copenhagen, Minister of Development, Ms. Ulla Tørnæs, declared after a meeting with Ms. Mohammed, that Denmark will contribute $11 million (70 million Danish krone) to streamline the UN system, so it will be centred in each country around a resident coordinator. This reform will, according to Ms. Mohammed, cost $290 million.

“The UN should be able to deliver on its mandate and this reform is meant to secure that, so that you, as a tax payer, should be able to see and feel concrete results,” the Deputy Security-General said, according to Danish daily Politiken.

At a press encounter in Oslo today after her meeting with Norway's Prime Minister Ms. Erna Solberg, she was asked about Norway´s chances of election to the Security Council in 2021-20122.

“Any country that works for peace, abides to international rules, is engaged in mediation and promotes women, has a good chance of securing a seat in the Security Council,” Amina Mohammed said.

In Norway, Denmark and Sweden, Ms. Mohammed discussed the development agenda with government ministers, as well as engaging with civil society. In Sweden she attended the opening of the annual Stockholm World Water Week.

In an interview with Swedish Radio, the Deputy Secretary-General made connections between the refugee and migrant debate and the sustainable development agenda.

"We must continue to push the rights agenda for migrants and refugees, but we must also look to the root causes,” Ms. Mohammed said. "You need to look at where they are coming from, what the reasons are. I think there are complications, not just a lack of livelihoods, poverty, there’s a number of things – climate change is a real exacerbator. We need to provide solutions for all of this. The sustainable development goals, the Agenda 2030, provide a framework for all of this. We are confronted with all of these urgent issues every day and we haven’t really taken the time off to work for the solutions that have been provided.“


Photos: The Deputy Secretary-General addresses the opening of the Stockholm World Water Week. Thomas Henriksson/SIWI.

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