Saturday, 16 January 2021

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An alliance of 50 newspapers publish stories of change-making solutions


More than 50 newspapers worldwide are publishing simultaneously on 16 June, in print and online, stories that show the world in a different way than we are used to. Stories about women and men who innovate to find sustainable solutions in the service of humanity and in respect of the planet.

Although dramatic events, wars and natural catastrophes, are usually prominent on the front pages of newspapers, more and more room is devoted to « solution based journalism »; journalism that showcases the initiatives of citizens who contribute to changing the world.

The organisation Sparknews has for the past 6 years mobilized a network of media, including some of the most influential newspapers in the world, in promoting these solutions. According to Sparknews « we have to tell a different story in order to construct a better world. » Around 60 articles written by journalists from around the world, are shared, translated and published in special editions, in separate folders or as series on the web the same day : 16 June.

For the second consecutive year, the United Nations is supporting this initiative, which inspires all those who aspire for a better, more just, more equal, more prosperous and a more sustainable world. In 2015, member states of the United Nations adopted Agenda 2030, which identifies 17 goals to achieve so that such a world is not just an utopia but reality.  

« The Sustainable Development Goals are our pathway toward a fairer, more peaceful and prosperous world on a healthy planet. They are also a summons to inter-generational solidarity. We have no greater duty than to invest in the well-being of young people so that they can realize their potential”, writes UN Secretary-General António Guterres in an Op-ed in support of the Impact Journalism Day.

« From one end of the world to another, there is a growing movement in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. Brilliant and innovative women and men have found local solutions to global problems and have thus made a contribution towards a better economy and a better society for all, » writes Christian de Boisredon, the founder of Sparknews, in his 2018 editorial. « The press has an essential role to play in casting a light on the activities of these important innovators and exporting their stories around the world, » he adds.

European newspapers such as Le Figaro (France), El Pais (Spain) and Politiken (Denmark) are among contributing media, as well as media outlets from India to Gabon and Japan to Argentine. All have rallied around the same objective, which is to share these best-practices around the globe.

You can also share initiatives that inspire you with the hashtags  #ImpactJournalism, #StoryOfChange.


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