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Ciné-ONU: Code Girl

On 7 February, Ciné-ONU screened ‘Code Girl’ to highlight SDG 5 – Gender Equality, and to mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science in partnership with Microsoft and UNESCO at Cinéma Galeries in Brussels. The film followed high school-aged girls from around the world, as they tried to better their community through technology and collaboration.

Tara Ojo - Panel Discussion for Code Girl | ©UNRIC

Before the screening, we held a Facebook Live event with one of our speakers, Tara Ojo from FutureLearn. You can visit our Cine-ONU Facebook Page to watch Tara discussing her work, STEM education, and women and girls in science.

The screening was followed by a conversation on the issues highlighted in the film. The guest speakers included: Suzana Filipecki Martins (Ecsite); Tara Ojo (FutureLearn); Justine Sass (UNESCO); with moderator Caroline Petit (UNRIC).

Panel Discussion for Code Girl | ©UNRIC

The discussion focused on how important it is to inform, engage and involve more women and girls in STEM. Ms. Filipecki Martins began by talking about growing up going to science museums with her father, noting: ‘this built up critical thinking in science, coupled with emotional experience, in a way that made women and girls feel more included’.

On the subject of inclusion, Ms. Ojo remarked how: ‘a number of organisations are committed to empowering black women in the tech industry’. She also spoke of the work she does in schools to ensure female voices are heard in STEM. Ms. Sass reiterated this, adding how critical it is to give confidence and self-advocacy to girls and women in STEM careers. She underlined how essential it is to have ‘women as creators and innovators of technology, contributing to the power of technology’.

Reception after Code Girl screening | ©UNRIC

Ms. Petit concluded by asking the speakers for their advice to girls and women interested in coding and STEM. Ms. Sass emphasized how science, technology and innovation underly all the Sustainable Development Goals, so by getting involved, it’s progress for everyone. Whilst Ms. Ojo was keen to emphasize that anyone can go into coding, stating that ‘some of the first people in programming were women. So just have the confidence to go out and do it!’


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