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Impact Journalism Day: Sharing solutions for the people and the planet

Impact Journalism Day - Environment

Every year, in June, more than 50 newspapers around the world publish a series of articles on local initiatives to improve the living conditions of people and to protect the planet. The initiative, which aims to share experiences and success stories around the globe, called “Impact Journalism Day,” was launched five years ago by Sparknews, an organisation based in Paris.

This year, Impact journalism day will be celebrated on 24 June and will promote the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Each article will be linked to one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

“There are thousands of inspiring initiatives that have developed innovative ways to address the world’s most pressing issues and that deserve to be more widely known”, Christian de Boisredon, founder of Sparknews, told us.

“Sharing these solutions across borders can create new opportunities to amplify their impact and contributes to shaping a better future. In 2016, more than half of the projects highlighted through Impact Journalism Day were featured in international media outlets for the first time. It opened new doors for their replication and development”, he added

From Afghanistan to Singapore, Abidjan to New York, Paris to Tel Aviv, the readers of leading newspapers will discover, in their respective languages, initiatives that have been implemented in other parts of the world to improve daily life, fight poverty, climate change, inequality, to protect minorities, the most vulnerable people, as well as life on earth and under water.

This year, for the first time, the UN Department of Public Information will support and promote this initiative, which aims to connect people with solutions through a collective effort by engaged journalists around the world.

Well-known advocates of sustainable development have signed the Sparknews Manifesto on to support this movement of ordinary people making a difference every day and to spread stories of change, help them cross borders and have a greater impact. Every citizen can be part of this movement.

impact journalism day manifesto

"There are lots of depressing news around the world, people are getting puzzled with what's happening in the world, with what's happening next. (...) We need to address this and communicate to people that there are better ways of doing things rather than the conventional ways", said Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace price and SDG Advocate, in a Sparknews video.

"There are young people creating everyday a completely new world. There are lots of ideas, lots of information, but not many people know about them. So, if you can, through your newspaper, through your media, publicize it so people have confidence in the world, then new hope comes in”, he added.

On 24 June, get one of the newspapers involved in the “Impact Journalism Day”. The list of the media partners is available here. You can also discover all the stories of change on


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