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#PKDay: Exclusive interview with Paul Buades, Director of the UN Logistics base in Brindisi

Paul Buades, Director of the UN Logistics base in Brindisi, UNGCS | ©UN/MONUSCO

For the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers (29 May), we can share an exclusive interview with Paul Buades, Director of the UN Logistics base in Brindisi, UNGCS.

The UN Global Service Centre (UNGSC)’s mandate is to ensure efficient and effective peace operations through the core logistics, geospatial, information and telecommunications technology services it provides.

The theme for the International day of UN peacekeepers 2017 is "investing in peace around the world". How do you envision UNGSC's contribution to this cause?

Investing in peace around the world is in the DNA of GSC and an integral part of our operations portfolio. Indeed, within the Department of Field Support (DFS), the Global Service Centre (GSC), thanks to its dedicated and professional staff, provides services and support, on short notice, to all mandated peacekeeping and special political missions in start-up, surge, downsizing and closure phases. The Mission Support Teams are an enabling capacity which are very reactive, operational and can deploy to provide support in various domains (i.e., logistics, technologies, environment, ICT, asset management, Occupational Safety & Health, Procurement, HR and Finance) to any UN entities but also to any non-UN partners, if required.
As such, we collaborate very closely, on a daily basis, with the peacekeeping Missions around the world to sustain their work and enable them to deliver on their mandate from the International Community. They are the expression of real teamwork and true effective collaboration to achieve UN objectives. We also collaborate with our UNHRD colleagues and this strengthened partnership between peacekeeping and humanitarian operations in Brindisi is a clear investment in peace worldwide.

There are several regions of the world that are in dire need of peacekeeping and peacebuilding. In which arenas is the UNGSC most active?

As mentioned, we reactively and rapidly respond to any Security Council mandate in the framework of a Field Mission. Our Colleagues on the ground are the first line to activate and implement the political and support agenda. Hence, our continuous support towards all existing peacekeeping and peacebuilding missions draws from a specific portfolio ranging from logistics, engineering, environment as well as ICT hosting, connectivity and infrastructure. GSC has a number of competencies and expertise, which are made available to the Field Mission upon their request. As the GSC holds many international certifications, our services are in line with the latest standards of the industry, which attest to our added value to any situation.
Upon request, we stand ready to support other international, non-governmental, UN Agencies, etc. that are also involved in supporting peacekeeping and peacebuilding Missions. In this complex and dynamic political scenario, the expertize developed over the past 20 years places GSC in a strategic and privileged position to meet future challenges.

"Partnership" is a key element of SG agenda the 2030. Which initiatives is the UNGSC undertaking in this regard?

GSC, as a UN entity away from Headquarters, fully embraces the SG 2030 Agenda. Therefore, partnership in every context, with the Member States, within the UN system entities and agencies, among Departments, and with the population at large, is sought out and implemented at all levels. The message is clear nothing can be achieved in isolation, and now more than ever the United Nations is the only possible answer to the world’s needs.


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