Cine-ONU - Screening of “The Truth Lies in the Heavens” on the occasion of the International Day for the Right to Truth

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UN Day for Truth - Ciné-ONU screening in Paris VI - 28 March 2017 

In the spirit of intra-desk cooperation, UNRIC’s French and Italian desks supported the screening of the Italian film “The Truth Lies in the Heavens”, to mark the International Day for the Right to Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims.

Held at the prestigious Paris-based Cinèmathèque, under the auspices of the Italian Institute of Culture, the screening was attended by some 400 people, and saw the participation of the Italian director, Mr. Roberto Faenza. The leading actress from the film, Greta Scarano attended, as well as a magistrate representative of the Rome judiciary. We were honoured to welcome Pietro Orlandi, the brother of the kidnapped girl, Emanuela Orlandi, a Vatican citizen, whose case dates back to 1983 and who has never been found since.

UN Day for Truth - Screening of Ciné-ONU, Paris, 28 March 2017

Prior to the screening, the two UNRIC desk officers presented CineONU and the UN observance day, stressing the successful outcome of a synergy that originated just two months earlier. The same film had been presented at the Brussels-based Italian Institute of Culture, and the director was invited by UNRIC to consider further screenings under the CineONU format, in conjunction with possible relevant UN thematic days. Mr. Faenza aims to raise awareness of a highly controversial case, which highlights a critical period of Italy’s national history and its complex, contradictory relationship with the Vatican.

“CineONU’s contribution is an important recognition of Italian cinematography and for the right to truth that Emanuela Orlandi’s case evokes”, according to Mr Faenza, thankful for the support the Center has lent, and continues to lend, to his project.