Ciné-ONU: L’Etranger – More than just football

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21 March - “L’Etranger” follows Moussa Cissokho’s move from Senegal to Brussels, where he becomes a football coach and fosters team spirit within the multicultural team of BX Brussels.

His trust and support for the players ultimately leads to success, demonstrating that team sports and compassionate individuals can be essential for integration.

Screening the Brussels-based film, Ciné-ONU was proud to partner with the Government of Flanders to raise awareness of the United Nation’s ‘Together Campaign’ at Cinema Galeries, Brussels on 21 March 2017.

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The following panel discussion featured not only Kenneth Michiels (director of “L’Etranger”), but also the film’s main protagonist, Moussa Cissokho.

Ciné-ONU also welcomed Ingrid Pelssers (International Affairs Advisor for the Government of Flanders) and Gijs leven, a Community Coordinator with BX Brussels.

Christophe Verhellen LEtranger

Emphasising that L’Etranger “is about more than just football”, Christophe Verhellen (UNRIC), the discussion’s moderator, introduced the speakers.

Ingrid Pelssers agreed, giving more insight into the “harsh reality” of Brussels and its challenging polarization and segregation of different identities. Although integration “always is something about and between the people”, it should still be the government’s task to provide effective conditions “to make everyone feel like a part of the society”. This point was taken further by Gijs Ieven, highlighting that “day-to-day heroes like Moussa, […] social projects, and the uniting game of football can be a powerful weapon for integration all around the world”.

Panel Discussion with Twitter Slide LEtranger

Responding to the audience's question about his belief in the project and the relation to the young players, Kenneth Michiels underlined the “project’s positive impact on character traits like respect and punctuality” that would also be essential for both their social environment and future careers.

Besides raising awareness of the Together Campaign, this successful event featured an actively participating audience, stressing the important and influential role sports can play in the processes of socialization and integration.

The handout from our event is available here!

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