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“From words on paper to hearts and minds”: SDG Action Campaign gives preview of Global Campaign Center

SDG Action Campaign opens Global Campaign Centre in Bonn

On Friday, the United Nations SDG Action Campaign – for the first time since its recent settlement in Bonn – opened its doors to visitors to provide a preview of its Global Campaign Center. The action campaign has arrived at the historic “Haus Carstanjen” with a mandate to inspire people’s action on the Sustainable Development Goals. During the so-called “Behind the Scenes Tour” journalists were invited to get a first insight into the facilities and the campaign's work ahead of its official launch in March 2017.

Among other things, the interactive tour featured virtually reality screenings, allowing participants to immerse themselves into places such as the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan or Ebola-struck Liberia. In other corners of the landmarked castle Carstanjen, the organizers showcased the work of the SDG Action Campaign with the new MY World 2030 Survey to track progress of the SDGs, a SDG photo exhibit and data analytics visualizations.

SDG Action Campaign's Multimedia studio, at opening of Global Campaign Centre in Bonn
SDG Action Campaign's Multimedia studio, at opening of Global Campaign Centre in Bonn

Mitchell Toomey, Global Director of the Campaign, explained that, “the center will equip the campaign to deliver on its mandate to foster buy-in of the SDGs among all stakeholders, facilitate mechanisms for public engagement in SDGs participatory monitoring and accountability, and create an open and inclusive SDG people’s action platform.”

The establishment of the Global Campaign Center in Bonn marks a significant contribution to the strengthening of the UN-presence in the city. According to the Federal Foreign Minister of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, “it is a great responsibility and honour to host the new headquarters of the Action Campaign with its Global Campaign Center in Bonn.”

Gerd Müller, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, too commended the establishment of one of the newest bodies of the United Nations in Bonn: “The 2030 Agenda is the international community’s response to the question of humanity’s survival – and now it needs to go from being words on paper to being inscribed in the hearts and minds and expressed in the everyday lives of people around the world.”

SDGs at Action Campaign's opening of Global Campaign Centre in Bonn


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