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'World’s Best News' spreads from Denmark to the rest of Europe

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A cyclist considers the ‘World’s Best News’. Photo: UNRIC

9 September 2016 — Hundreds of thousands of newspapers carrying good news have been handed out for free in European countries including Denmark and Norway.

500,000 copies of the World´s Best News have been distributed in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, and several other cities in Denmark for the seventh year in a row. The World´s Best News tells of the progress the world is making thanks to development initiatives and cooperation, such as the Sustainable Development Goals. In central Copenhagen, two politicians from opposites of the political spectrum- Kristian Jensen, Foreign Minister of the conservative minority government, and Johanna Schmidt-Nielsen from the far left Unity party- united in bringing the good news to passersby during the morning rush hour.

“I’m tempted to say why not?”  Kristian Jensen, Denmark´s Foreign Minister responded when UNRIC asked him why he was up at 7 o’clock distributing the World’s Best News to passersby, even cyclists. “After all, the World´s Best News highlights that things are getting better, that poverty is decreasing, that we are working on improving education and health, in countries at all stages of development. Having participated for the past six years, this has become a tradition.”

“It is particularly important to participate in this event right now, when the Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen and others are cutting our development budget, to put the focus on what actually works,” Johanna Schmidt-Nielsen told UNRIC.

pic 3
Distribution of the ‘World’s Best News’. Photo: UNRIC

100,000 copies of the World´s Best News were also distributed in Norway, with similar events taking place in the Czech Republic and Lithuania. A total of 16 European countries will apply the same concept before the end of the year, including on UN Day or International Peace Day. “It is a big inspiration to us that this project has spread to other countries and next year will furthermore be organised in a couple of African countries,” said the project manager Thomas Ravn-Petersen.

An umbrella group of Danish NGOs, the UN in Denmark, and Danida, are the organisers of the initiative in Denmark.

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Some of the ‘World’s Best News’ team. Photo: UNRIC

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