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Save Birth Even Here

27.06.16 - This year has seen the relaunch of the Save Birth Even Here campaign, aiming to protect childbirth in vulnerable regions.

Every day, some 500 women and girls die from childbirth and pregnancy in areas affected by, or prone to, conflict or natural disaster. In these settings, women and girls are often cut off from health care and exposed to trauma, malnutrition and disease. But their lives can be saved with access to quality sexual and reproductive health services.


Save Birth Even Here promotional poster. Photo: UNFPA

The Safe Birth Even Here campaign aims to raise awareness of the high rate of maternal deaths in emergency situations and increase support for services to protect the rights of the women and girls living in humanitarian and fragile settings. It was created in 2012 by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund and refreshed in 2016 with the creative talents of Benetton.

The campaign was launched at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul (23-24 May) by Dr Osotimehin, Ashley Judd – UNFPA goodwill ambassador, Professor Chiara Mio and Gianluca Pastore – Benetton Group Worldwide Communication Director.


The launch of the Save Birth Even Here campaign at the WHS in Istanbul. Photo: UN PHOTO

Today, 75 per cent of the world’s people affected by crises are women and children. When disaster strikes, women face increased risks to their health and well-being, due to loss of medical support, trauma, malnutrition and violence. Their vulnerability is even higher in times of pregnancy: 3 in 5 maternal deaths occur in countries affected by, or prone to, conflict or natural disaster.

The creative elements of “Safe Birth Even Here” were conceived and produced by Fabrica, Benetton’s communications research centre, under the auspices of the Women Empowerment Program. The campaign – which will also become an installation - features three artistic images that depict birth in emergency situations and a 30-second video in which a baby is safely delivered into a scene of utter devastation. 


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