Wild for Life

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Wild for Life

Nairobi, Wednesday, 25 May 2016. Celebrities from around the globe teamed up with the United Nations to launch an unprecedented campaign to curtail the illegal trade in wildlife. The international criminal networks behind these illegal activities have already destroyed countries’ own natural heritage and pushed various species to the brink of extinction.

#WildforLife was launched today at the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-2) in Naoribi, Kenya. Attendees included environment ministers from states around the world, aided by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) Goodwill Ambassadors including model Gisele Bündchen (fighting for sea turtles), footballer Yaya Touré (backing elephants) and actor Ian Somerhalder (campaigning for pangolins)

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Stopping these criminal activities against wildlife is central for both protecting the peace and security of local communities around them, but also for furthering the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as SDG 15 calls specifically for the protection of wild fauna and flora.

One of the fantastic aspects of the Wild for Life campaign is that anybody can get involved and participate - feel free to to visit the campaign website to take part by choosing your animal, taking the pledge or supporting the work of campaign collaborators.


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One: Gisele Bundchen (UNEP/WildforLife)
Two: Yaya Toure (UNEP/WildforLife)