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Technology Is Booming, But Where Are The Girls?

Girls in ICT day 2016

28.04.2016 – Worldwide digital economies and app sectors are booming, but where are the women? Thousands of events are taking place worldwide this week to mark the sixth international Girls in ICT Day, an initiative that addresses the empowerment of women in the tech sector.

Whilst Girls in ICT Day is an opportunity for women to see the tremendous possibilities which the ICT sector holds for them, through sharing experiences, networking and learning, it is also a chance to urge IT companies to innovate through good practices of gendered innovation, diversity and inclusion, and balanced leadership.

The ICT sector is rapidly growing, creating around 120,000 jobs every year, yet due to differences in demands and skills, and despite soaring unemployment, there may be a lack of 900 000 skilled ICT workers in 2020. Women constitute just 30% of the around seven million people working in the ICT sector and female graduates of computing or related degrees are alarmingly low. The lack of women in the ICT sector costs the European economy alone an estimated shocking $9 billion a year. 

In order to reverse this trend and in turn boost the economy through allowing full participation in society, there must be a joint effort to encourage young people, and especially women, to take up ICT related career paths. This can be done through education, entrepreneurship, and research and innovation.

The Girls in ICT movement is gaining momentum all over the world, as different organisations are uniting in a call for action to fix the ICT gender imbalance.



UNRIC is supporting Microsoft in its European action calling all girls and young women across Europe to #MakeWhatsNext. In this initiative by Microsoft, events will take place across 27 European countries, raising awareness and encouraging girls and young women to consider studies and careers in ICTs.


ghana ict

Ghana’s Ministry of Communications held a two-week training in ICT for 1,000 girls throughout the northern region, which ended with a competition on 26 April.



Nicolas Chiappara, country Manager of leading IT company Cisco Chile, addresses girls at "Girls in ICT day" celebration in Santiago.


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Photos: Daughter of the Project Coordinator of ITU (ITU Pictures), What Makes Next Campaign video (Microsoft), Ghana ICT programme (EWS Ghana), Girls in ICT Chile (Sergio Scarabino).

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