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Impossible Choices Campaign calls on you!

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26.04.2016 - Get involved in the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) public campaign in a call on our leaders to attend and commit to a new agenda for change.

To all Facebook users, Twitter fanatics, and believers in humanity – the UN is calling upon your services. The social media focused campaign Impossible Choices was launched today in support of the first ever World Humanitarian Summit, which takes place in Istanbul on 23-24 May. The aim of the summit is to encourage world leaders to commit to ending the suffering of people in crisis. In striving for this goal, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is asking celebrities, influencers and the general public to use the power of their collective social voices to trigger a groundswell of public pressure on global leaders to 1) attend the Summit and 2) to pledge bold action. With just a few clicks and shares your involvement is invaluable.

As the very first summit of its kind, the WHS is a landmark in the 70-year history of the UN and takes place at a time when human suffering is at its highest since the Second World War. The call for peoples’ safety, dignity and the right to thrive to be placed at the heart of global decision making means action on the following five core responsibilities:

  • Prevent and end conflict

  • Respect rules of war

  • Leave no one behind

  • Work differently to end need

  • Invest in humanity

The uniting of Heads of State or Government among 5,000 participants marks an opportunity to discuss issues of forced displacement, gender equality and disaster management, with the aim to share best practices to help save lives around the world. Every day over 100 million people affected by crises and natural disasters face impossible choices whilst for our leaders there is only one: humanity. It is up to us to ensure that they choose responsibly.

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Join the Impossible Choices campaign and tweet at World Leaders demanding that they attend the WHS and pledge bold action while there. Also, watch out for the second phase in which participants confront some of the impossible choices people in crises are forced to make through an interactive digital experience. This summit represents an opportunity to address today’s greatest challenges, yet unfortunately, many world leaders are yet to officially confirm their attendance. As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stresses, it is up to us to make sure they get there and commit action: ‘The World Humanitarian Summit must be for the people living on the frontline of humanity. They count on us and we cannot let them down.’ 


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