Local meet and greet in Evere with the UN

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This weekend a team of UN staffers braved the bad weather and headed out to Evere Commune to participate in this year’s edition of the “Carrefour des Générations”, a meet and greet event between the local public and communal organizations.

unric3 evere

Setup across from Evere’s town hall, our team was there to introduce the public to the newly agreed Sustainable Development Goals, the use of Pulses as part of the International Year and general information about the United Nations.

Over the course of the afternoon several hundred people stopped by our stand to ask questions and learn more about the UN’s work. There was particular interest in the use of Pulses and their benefits. Armed with samples of different kinds of pulses, a quiz, infographics and a number of information documents, the team took the time to inform and engage the visiting public on role of pulses and how they tie in to sustainable living.

unric4 evere

The day was also an opportunity to meet local organizations and associations who strive to better the everyday lives of local residents, young and old. From the local Karate Club to the associations for sports and the elderly, visitors ranged from 12 for the youngest to 97 for the eldest. Discussions covered many topics and all left with a better appreciation of the work of the organization and the global goals that have been set out by member states for the next 15 years.