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“We will not accept the erosion of humanity which we see in the world today”

A child watches a truck carrying humanitarian aid for the besieged town of Moadamiyeh in February. Photo UNICEFUN011402El Ouerchefani

4 April 2016 – Ahead of the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on Heads of State and Governments to participate in the event and deliver a strong message.

The leader’s segment and roundtables will take place during 23-24 May at the summit in Istanbul, Turkey. The leaders’ segment will be an opportunity to discuss the five core responsibilities of the SG’s Agenda for Humanity: political leadership to prevent and end conflict; uphold the norms that safeguard humanity; leave no one behind; change people’s lives – from delivering aid to ending need; and invest in humanity.

"History will judge us by how we use this moment," Mr. Ban said, urging States to come to Istanbul at the highest level and to show leadership on the great challenges of the 21st century. "We will not accept the erosion of humanity which we see in the world today."

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The core commitments are voluntary and non-binding, and can be individual or joint. The Summit should not be seen as an end point, but the beginning of a new era of international solidarity to halt the terrible suffering of people affected by conflicts and disasters. The Summit’s success would make an enormous qualitative difference in advancing action on so many other fronts – not least the 2030 Agenda

The summit outcomes will include a Chair’s summary that will be issued in Istanbul, and a "Commitments to Action" document that will follow some time later. The follow-up will begin with the Humanitarian Affairs Segment of the UN Economic and Social Council in June. In September, Mr. Ban will submit his report to the General Assembly, presenting the outcomes of the Summit and further possible steps ahead.

At that point, Member States can decide to take forward some or all of the report's recommendations through intergovernmental discussions and negotiations.


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