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#HighTimeMovement to End Violence Against Children


09.03.2016 - The Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children (SRSG) will launch a campaign “High Time to End Violence Against Children” on the 9th of March to mark the 10-year anniversary of the first comprehensive UN report on violence against children.

The campaign is also a call for action on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specifically in meeting Goal 16.2, to "End abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence against and torture of children all forms of violence against children."

From commitment to action

The "High Time to End Violence Against Children" initiative aims at connecting the need for action with the willingness and commitment to make a difference. Utilizing the Internet and Social Media (using the hashtag #HighTimeMovement), it will offer a platform for governments, organizations, institutions, children and adults to express commitment to children’s freedom from violence.

Ten years ago, the United Nations Secretary-General's Study on Violence against Children represented a global effort to paint a detailed picture of the nature, extent and causes of violence against children, and to propose clear recommendations for action for prevention and response.

The report revealed violence against children to be a “hidden, unreported and under-recorded” and a multidimensional issue that called for a multifaceted response. The study garnered input from various perspectives and produced policy recommendations. Its publication also led to the establishment of the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children, whose work continues in full force today.

On 8th March the SRSG, Marta Santos Pais, released her annual report to the Human Rights Council.

The SRSG works closely with the Council of Europe, which commits to a two-pronged strategy to prevent violence against children in Europe and vows to:

• Support the adoption and implementation of integrated national strategies to protect children from violence. These will include legislative, policy and institutional reforms and a focus on prevention;

• Promote zero tolerance for all forms of violence by raising awareness and taking action to address specific types of violence and focus on settings in which violence occurs.

The High Time to End Violence Against Children initiative will be presented at the 31st Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Follow the live webcast here.


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