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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World

Sustainable Development Goals

25.02.2016 – Following the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by all UN Member States in September 2015, 2016 has been declared the Year of Living Sustainably. Everyone can get involved with #SustainableSunday.

Governments will be busy for the next 15 years working to achieve the goals, but that doesn’t mean all the work falls on them. The private sector, civil society organization and regular people can all help accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. But sometimes it’s not that easy to know where to start. There are 17 goals after all, each one with different targets and indicators.

So what can you, as a global citizen, do to affect change? Ending poverty, tackling climate change and reducing inequality aren’t things only policymakers can do. By taking small steps together, the SDGs aren’t difficult to achieve – it is all doable.

The Year of Living Sustainably provides a platform where everyone can share tips on how to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Many of our tips are simple and you may already be doing them. Others will require you to change or adopt new habits. But you don’t have to turn your life upside-down to be sustainable. You don’t have to do everything at once, but also know that change starts with you and your involvement matters. Your small actions can have a big impact!

Below are some things that you can do to play your part in achieving the SDGs:

  • Air dry. Let your hair and clothes dry naturally instead of running a machine. If you do wash your clothes, make sure the load is full.
  • Take short showers. Bathtubs require gallons more water than a 5-10 minute shower.
  • Eat less meat, poultry, and fish. More resources are used to provide meat than plants
  • Freeze fresh produce and leftovers if you don’t have the chance to eat them before they go bad. You can also do this with take-away or delivered food, if you know you will not feel like eating it the next day. You will save food and money.
  • Buy Funny Fruit—many fruits and vegetables are thrown out because their size, shape, or color are not “right”. Buying these perfectly good funny fruit, at the farmer’s market or elsewhere, utilizes food that might otherwise go to waste.
  • Donate what you don’t use. Local charities will give your gently used clothes, books and furniture a new life.
  • Shop local. Supporting neighbourhood businesses keeps people employed and helps prevent trucks from driving far distances.
  • Shop Smart. Plan meals, use shopping lists and avoid impulse buys. Don’t succumb to marketing tricks that lead you to buy more food than you need, particularly for perishable items. Though these may be less expensive per ounce, they can be more expensive overall if much of that food is discarded.

Even if you do one of these things once a week, that can still make a difference.  Share your images of sustainable living on Instagram with the hashtag #SustainableSunday

Do you have any more ideas and tips for living sustainably?  If so, you can share them here.

Get involved through @GlobalGoalsUN on Twitter and Facebook 


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