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2016 01 21 Intersexion Photo Michael Durickas 107122.01.2016 - Ciné-ONU Brussels started 2016 by once again teaming up with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Office for the screening of ‘Intersexion’ on 21 January. 

A ground-breaking documentary in which intersex individuals reveal the profound challenges they face trying to live their lives in a society that fails to cater for them, the screening aimed to highlight the United Nations ‘Free and Equal Campaign’, a global public education campaign for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) equality.

Navigating its way through touching and traumatic personal tales of Intersex people, the film served as a humbling exercise in what it means to be human and to bring an awareness to the condition and create a dialogue on the topic, which affects approximately 1 in every 2000 people.

The film garnered a considerable turnout with an enthusiastic audience filling the Italian Cultural Institute’s grand theatre and staying on for a fascinating question and answer session. Dedicated advocates from the Intersex community elaborated on some of the most pressing issues facing them in their work.  

Panellists Miriam van der Have, Co-Chair of the Organisation Intersex International Europe (OII Europe), and Sophie Aujean, Senior Policy and Programmes Officer at ILGA-Europe, encouraged the audience to speak up and seek societal change.

They highlighted a glaring need to accommodate and adapt so that Intersex people are no longer stigmatized, marginalized and excluded in a world that only acknowledges people in terms of distinct ‘male’ and ‘female’ categories. 

“A disorder is something you can fix,” Miriam said, “I am not a disorder.” 

Dima Yared from OHCHR informed the audience about UN's activities on the rights of intersex people, including initiatives such as the United Nations Development Programme’s “Inclusion Index.”

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