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Call for a Comprehensive Approach Towards Preventing Violent Extremism

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15.01.2016 - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will present his Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism for the consideration of the General Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters today.

It urges each Member State to develop its own national plan of action and outlines seven key priority areas:

·         dialogue and conflict prevention

·         strengthening governance and human rights

·         engaging communities

·         empowering youth

·         gender equality & enhancing the role of women

·         education

·         strategic communications (including the internet and social media)

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While it recognizes the importance of ongoing, essential security-based counter-terrorism measures, the Plan proposes a comprehensive approach, including systematic preventive measures to address the drivers of violent extremism, therefore acknowledging robustness of the role of prevention across multiple levels in societies.

The announcement comes as the United Nations’ Global Counter-terrorism strategy completes its first decade in operation. Adopted in September 2006, the resolution is a “unique global instrument that will enhance national, regional and international efforts to counter terrorism.” This was the first time that all member states agreed to a common strategic approach to fight terrorism and sent a clear message that terrorism is unacceptable in all its forms. 


The Plan presented today notes the adoption of an “All-of-UN” approach to supporting national, regional and global efforts to prevent violent extremism. Developments at the end of 2015 indicated the progress of such an approach.

Last December, the Security Council adopted a resolution on youth, peace and security, which for the first time focused on the role of young men and women in peacebuilding and countering violent extremism.

Soon after, the Secretary-General’s issued a letter, laying out his Plan of Action for the Prevention of Violent Extremism for the first time, stating:

“The international community needs to adopt a comprehensive approach which encompasses not only ongoing essential security-based counter-terrorism measures, but also systematic preventive measures which directly address the drivers of violent extremism at the local, national, regional and global levels.”


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