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13.01.2016 - The UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality has granted over $7 million to 24 programmes spanning six global regions. 

This January the funds will be allocated to initiatives that yield concrete results in improving the lives of women, aimed especially at empowering those who are marginalized – in rural areas, domestic workers, the indigenous or the young. 

The new portfolio will meaningfully contribute to achieving Gender Equality, one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and an essential component of nine other SDGs, reflecting the multi-dimensional nature of women’s empowerment. The Fund for Gender Equality was launched in 2009 with a visionary contribution of $65 million by the Spanish government and constitutes one of the world’s largest grant-making funds advancing the cause of gender equality and women’s empowerment globally.

The Fund is committed to supporting innovative and high-impact programmes that yield concrete results in the lives of women, especially those who are marginalized (including rural women, young women, domestic workers and indigenous women), their families and communities. The project’s main initiatives are in East and Southern Africa, West and Central Africa, the Caribbean, Arab States, Asia and the Pacific and Europe and Central Asia.

More detais on the Fund’s recipients can be found here.  

Morocco’s ‘Two Sheep Solution’ is one of many successful UN projects aimed at closing the global gender gap and empowering women in marginalized communities. In conjunction with the International Fund for Agricultural Development, a microfinance project was set up in 2006 to enable women in the Atlas Mountains to each buy two sheep.

The project has been a success in myriad ways: 

·        Household incomes have increased 60 per cent, allowing women to shop at the local Souk and better provide for their children.

·         Men in the town welcome the enhanced roles of the women: “Now it’s not like the old times when the man was the only source of income,” commented one local husband. 

·         A decade on, the women’s business potential continues to grow; they are using the profits gained through the sale of sheep wool to investment in new ventures such as bee hives and olive trees.

·    The project has benefitted 112, 00 people and created some 200 community-based cooperatives. 

Checkout our video for a closer look at how UN collaborates with local communities to empower women and generate benefits felt throughout entire societies.


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