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Ban Ki-moon aboard Tara


07.12.2015 - Halfway through the climate negotiations in Paris, UN Secretary-General (UNSG) Ban Ki-moon went aboard the research vessel Tara. Tara travels the world’s oceans most of the time. However, currently it is docked on the Seine to act as an ambassador of the ocean at COP21.

Welcomed by the crew and 15 children, the Secretary-General highlighted the significance of the oceans.

“It is important that we must preserve our oceans' health so that we can have a healthy and prosperous planet. Our planet is 70% oceans. It is the basis of our life,” Mr. Ban stressed.


Tara has been constantly on the move: the vessel has traveled 300,000 kilometers to study the world’s oceans, their ecological crisis, and the impact of climate change.

Three years after first visiting Tara in New York in 2012, the UNSG inquired about research advances on marine plankton, one of the planet's major oxygen producers.

Eric Karsenti, scientific director of the Tara Oceans expedition, explained that the samplings and data collected will help to “better understand the potential response of marine plankton to climate change”.

Tara’s crew not only conducts high-level scientific research missions but also aims to bridge the knowledge gap between the scientific community and the public.


The Secretary-General thanked the co-founder and engine of Tara Expeditions, agnés b, for her commitment and her efforts to raise awareness among younger generations.  

While visiting Tara, Ban Ki-moon told the children aboard that the ocean is sick. “The United Nations wants you, our children, to inherit a sustainable and healthy planet.”

Tara has been in Paris since November at the invitation of Mayor Hidalgo to raise awareness about COP21 and ocean issues, and will remain on the Parisian banks until 18 December 2015.

Bon vent, Tara!


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