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Cities Around the World

10.30.2015 - This year, the month of October kicked-off with World Habitat Day under the motto ‘Public Spaces For All’ and concludes with World Cities Day under the motto ‘Designed to Live Together’.

“Urban October” was launched by UN-Habitat in 2014 to emphasize the world’s urban challenges and engage the international community towards the New Urban Agenda.

How cities can be designed for all to live together

·         Planned not only to generate jobs and opportunities, but also help build socially integrated, livable, open neighborhoods.

·         Planning residential areas with different possibilities in terms of typology and price enables residents from different backgrounds and income levels to live together.

·         Designing through participative processes helps people come together around shared goals and visions, and promotes everyone’s equal access to services, jobs and opportunities.

·         Designing compact, denser cities reduces the over exploitation of natural resources, and facilitates common living by enabling equal access to land, food and water for all.

·         Designing public spaces, parks, playgrounds, streets with pedestrian space and commercial activities help create a vibrant public life for all residents.

As a tribute to tomorrow's ‘World Cities Day’, this week's #photofriday highlights different cities around the world:

Nairobi, Kenya 17666353959 43bf2a9c59 z

 Paris, France Cities

Hanoi, Vietnam
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Manilla, Philippines 360658396 d41c7781aa z

Riga, Latvia6139862772 ba9c3df4dd z

London, UK13429156013 a694b98fc9 z

Lusaka, Zambia5161206029 a28d5c71e0 z

Vancouver, Canada15967566717 245c3f8d24 z

Hong Kong, China5063252040 1a2b660b05 z 1

Moscow, Russia9541483456 105761423e z

Reykjavik, Iceland6807922780 53849de1e7 z

Istanbul, Turkey13794269235 36c3418b46 z

Amman, Jordan17227484241 89169013a3 z

Quito, Ecuador2707266886 297d8ab9de z

Buenos Aires, Argentina18013739486 ec4358b615 z


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Robert S. Donovan
Yuwen Memon
Mike Behnken
Kevin Dooley
Kevin Labianco
Ville Miettinen
Michael Fludkov
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Gord McKenna
Garry Knight
Tobi Gaulke


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