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And the journey continues at breakneck speed…


18.10.2015 – 24 October and UN’s 70th birthday is almost upon us and Elyx still has so much ground to cover. Our digital ambassador shifts into a higher gear to try and see as many countries as possible in the last stretch.

This weekend alone, Elyx will have visited Italy, Mali, Ecuador and Niger.

ArmeniaA quick walk down memory lane for this week-before-last of Elyx’s 70 Days Around the World for #UN70.

Niamey, 27 April 2006 (IRIN) - While Niger is at peace, each year it faces an increasingly difficult battle against hunger. What it needs to win the war, according to its people, are not sacks of food but a long-term international commitment to help haul the country out of crippling poverty.

Rated the world’s poorest country according to UN statistics, Niger is more impoverished today than it was 30 years ago, with more than 60 percent of the population surviving on less than US $1 a day.

“We have peace here in Niger, that’s true, but we have hunger,” said Issa Haladou who lives in the southeast Zinder region, one of the hardest hit by food shortages last year. “We don’t always need gifts of tons of cereals, what we need is help to develop.”

On Monday, Elyx landed in Niger to see first hand the impacts of climate change on the Western African country. As if battling hunger was not enough, now Niger has been hit hard by climate change and water is becoming scarcer and scarcer.

Elyx however was enamoured of the beautiful landscape in Niger and would have liked to have spent more time learning about this country. Elyx was so impressed with Niger’s landscapes that the Digital Ambassador immediately resolved to return as soon as possible. Luckily for Elyx a return trip is possible. Learn more about the visit here)

If its Tuesday, its gotta be Armenia. Located between Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia, Armenia became a UN member state I 1992, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But that has not stopped our colleagues form different agencies to do what they can to help, especially since the 2008 financial crisis. UNDP is helping Armenia to reach Sustainable Development Goal 7.  (Learn more about the visit here).UK

The digital ambassador spent Wednesday in the UK and joined the on going celebrations of #UN70. Including the delightful UNEARTH Exhibition, rarely seen photos and posters about our Organisation. (Learn more about the visit here).

Thursday, time hang out in Geneva, another UNHQ and a huge centre for the UN family. Elyx was received according to its rank by our colleagues at the Palais des Nations and was given the grand tour and to discover the many treasures of the historic building. (Learn more about the visit here).

Friday Elyx arrived in Rome. Elyx was honoured to be in town the same time as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to celebrate World Food Day, and FAO’s Anniversary. Elyx was thrilled to be a special guest at the World Expo in Milan #milanexpo2015 and to show off all its knowledge of #GlobalGoals. (Learn more about the visit here)

SwitzerlandElyx would have loved to have spent more time visiting Italy and its thousands of incredible sights. But time, alas, flies and Elyx needs to visit so many more places before D-Day. So only a quick stop in Genoa, and not-nearly-enough sightseeing in Rome.  Elyx does do its homework and learns about learned all about the work of three main UN agencies working on food- WFP and FAO and IFAD.

But nothing like a few hours on the beaches and castles of Calabria to recharge the battries… (Learn more about the visit here)

After this, Elyx made a quick visit to Mali where the WFP has launched a three-year relief and recovery operation in Mali to address the immediate food security and nutrition needs, while also strengthening communities’ resilience. (Learn more about the visit here)

A quick trip with the UNDP in Ecuador and seeing UNICEF’s health teams at work in Niger are on the agenda today. Read about this travels on the journey website at: < >.

ItalyAs Elyx gets ready for its busiest week to date, the Digital Ambassador is slightly sad to realize that its long journey around the world is almost coming to an end.


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•   Fifth- Italy: UNRIC/ Frederik Bordon

On Monday, Elyx landed in Niger to see first hand the impacts of climate change on the Western African country. As if battling hunger was not enough, now Niger has been hit hard by climate change and water is becoming scarcer and scarcer.

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