Monday, 18 January 2021

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Elyx 70 recap: World tour speeding up


Time really does fly when one is having fun!

And Elyx certainly had a lot of fun this past week, as it has every week, since the start of the 70-day journey around the world that the digital ambassador has undertaken to honour the 70 years of the United Nations. #UN70

MyanmarWhat an adventure-filled week it has been, cloud hopping from continent to continent, meeting new UN colleagues and learning so much about the work of the organisation in the field.

Last weekend the digital ambassador was on a multi-city visit to Germany that ended in Berlin with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the reunification.

The next stop was 5,000 miles away, in Rangoon, the capital of Myanmar, also known as Burma. Elyx learnt about the UN’s response to major natural disasters, such as Cyclone Komen.

While in beautiful Burma, Elyx made a pilgrimage to the home of the third UN Secretary-General, U Thant, turned into a museum (learn more about the visit here).

Third day, third continent. Hola México. Time spent getting to know and working with various colleagues of the large UN family present in Mexico, but also enchanting visits to some of the country’s famed ancient Aztec sites! (Learn more about the visit here).

HaitiNot too much of a long hop from Mexico to Haiti. There Elyx finally got to meet members of the MINUSTAH team, the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti.

Elyx was saddened to hear about the number of challenges that the country has had to face over the last decades. At the same time, the digital ambassador was delighted to learn that the UN agencies have always been present to support the Haitians. (Learn more about the visit here)

And then it was time for Elyx to visit Algeria, the largest country on the African continent. In Algiers, Elyx had the opportunity to attend not one but two special UN events: a very special UN70 celebration and the UNAIDS event, near the famous Monument des Martyrs. (Learn more about the visit here)

IndiaFriday was the big day for Elyx, arriving for a magical journey to India, where the digital ambassador learnt first-hand that indeed in India a ‘guest is equivalent to God.’

It was fun to see all the different ways that #UNIC colleagues all over the world communicate the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals #GlobalGoals and Elyx was very taken with the Light the Way Initiative.

In Bangalore, India’s IT hub, our digital ambassador felt right at home! (Learn more about the visit here)

The new week, the ninth in the 70-day journey ending on 24 October (the actual day of the UN’s birthday), will begin in Nigeria and will take us on to Armenia.

And Elyx is always open to invitations to visit.

Watch this space for more of Elyx’s 70 days around the world to celebrate #UN70 and learn about the work of the UN.


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