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43 countries down and more to come for Elyx

Elyx in Bahrain

4.10.2015 - Elyx spent a splendid weekend in Germany, visiting many cities and learning about the Sustainable Development Goals or #GlobalGoals for short. (Learn more about the visit here).

What a week it has been. The digital ambassador has been continent hopping and learning so much about what the UN does. Let’s look at some highlights for this past week.

Elyx in Madagascar Monday it was Madagascar. On the island, Elyx learnt new concepts and new words from the local farmers about Malagasy agriculture and the role of the Zebu in Malagasy culture ( Learn more about the visit here).

Next came Guinea where Elyx was greeted by UNICEF colleagues.
Guinea is one of the three West African countries to be hit by the Ebola virus. Elyx was struck and much saddened by the devastation the virus has caused. Our ambassador spent the day learning how people can protect themselves against the virus (Learn more about the visit here).

Elyx in IranAfter West Africa came Bahrain.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small island nation, near the Western shores of the Persian Gulf. In the capital city Manama, the digital ambassador learned about the Kingdom’s efforts to curb climate change. Bahrain knows about climate change first hand, having been afflicted by extreme droughts and coastal degradation, putting increasing stress on the country’s water supplies. Elyx even attended a conference on Climate Action and was impressed by the progress Bahrain made in its Sustainable Development Agenda (Learn more about the visit here).

Elyx in Germany Just a hop away from Bahrain is Iran, one of the founding members of the UN. From up in the cloud, the first thing you see of Tehran is the Damavand mountain, the highest volcano in Asia beneath which the capital city spreads out. (Learn more about the visit here).

The UN has quite a large presence in Iran. Elyx was invited by WFP colleagues to visit School Feeding Programme and was happy to learn the positive effects of the programme on girl’s education.

Elyx did take the time to visit a few of Iran’s many cultural heritage sites. Elyx ended up visiting the famous Tajrish Bazaar in Tehran (Learn more about the visit here).

On Friday, Elyx  arrived in Germany, on a multi-city visit beginning in Bonn, the former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany and ending with the capital city Berlin where the ambassador joined the 25th anniversary celebrations of Germany Unity day.

Time to take out the maps and check out its next stop on Monday. Myanmar, also known as Burma. A whole world away.

Auf Wiedersehen, Elyx!


 Elyx in Guinea

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