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The Elyx 70 Days world tour for the UN70th continues


27.9.2015 - Elyx has spent another week traveling the world and visiting UN agencies in honor of UN70. This week Elyx’s visits took the UN digital Ambassador from Europe to Africa, to Asia and back to Europe again. While visiting UN agencies in Spain this weekend, Elyx took some time out of it’s busy schedule to keep the travel log up to date.

Palace and bicycleElyx kicked off the week celebrating peace in the Netherlands. First, Elyx visited the International Court of Justice and the Yugoslavia Tribunal in The Hague. Then Elyx jumped on a bike and cycled all the way to Amsterdam to meet the Dutch King, Willem-Alexander. (Learn more about the visit here)

On Tuesday, Elyx travelled to Central African Republic. Elyx was deeply saddened by the current situation in CAR, but was glad to learn that UN agencies, such as UNICEF, are doing all they can to improve the situation for the people living in CAR. In Bangui, Elyx had the opportunity to meet children who were released from an armed group. (Learn more about the visit here)

IMG 0886The next day, the Digital Ambassador attended the inauguration of a new safety monitoring system on the Ortotokoi dam. This dam is situated on the Chu River, which runs through Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Elyx was very happy to see people working together across borders to ensure safety and security. (Learn more about the visit here)

Leaving Central Asia behind, Elyx flew to Iceland. In the land of ‘fire and ice’, Elyx saw the environmental effects of climate change up close. The UN digital ambassador visited Langjökull, “the long glacier”. Due to global warming the glacier is melting fast and scientists believe that it will have disappeared completely by the end of the century. (Learn more about the visit here)

Elyx in Iceland inside a Glacier 5On Friday, Elyx arrived in Spain, where the UN ambassador will remain the entire weekend. On Sunday, Elyx will celebrate World Tourism Day with the UN Tourism Organization (UNWTO). (Learn more about the visit here)

Next week will bring even more adventures for the UN Digital Ambassador and Elyx can’t wait to continue exploring the world. This week Elyx will visit Ukraine, Guinee and Bahrain! But first, the little ambassador will take a well-deserved siesta in Spain. ¡Hasta la vista!

Elyx in Spain Elyx visiting the World Tourism Organization UNWTO on 27th September World Tourism Day. UNWTO is the UN Specialized Agen

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