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Ban Ki-moon condemns Hungary´s treatment of refugees

UNHCR Magyarorszag Simon Ernö 1

17.9.2015 - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says that Hungary´s treatment of refugees is “unacceptable.” At a press conference to mark the beginning of the 70th General Assembly, Mr. Ban noted that he had talked to Hungary´s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to emphasize the importance of addressing this issue in accordance with relevant international conventions, such as the international refugee, humanitarian and human rights conventions.  Mr. Ban added that, “[Mr. Orbán] told me that he would do his best.”

Mr. Ban continued, stating that, “I was shocked to see how these refugees and migrants were treated.  It's not acceptable…they are the people who are fleeing the violence and persecution; we must ensure our compassionate leadership.  We have shown them caring hands, not to mention international humanitarian law, but as a human being, we first and foremost we have provide the lifesaving assistance and shelter and all sanitation.  Then we can discuss how they should be treated, accommodated.”

 UNHCR Linder Bálint1Mr. Ban pointed out that worldwide there were 100 million people – about one of every seventy people on earth, who need lifesaving support, but added that, “all our humanitarian appeals are chronically under-funded.”

“Men, women and children fleeing war and persecution deserve real support, including asylum,” the Secretary-General asserted. “I ask those standing in the way of the rights of refugees to stand in their shoes.  People facing barrel bombs and brutality in their country will continue to seek life in another. People with few prospects at home will continue to seek opportunity elsewhere. This is natural.  It is what any of us would do for ourselves and for our children.”

Mr. Ban gave a special mention to Lebanon who is hosting Syrian refugees equal in number to 25 per cent of its population; Jordan (10%) and Turkey with some 2 million people or nearly 10% of Syria´s pre-war population. He added that, “I commend those countries that are admirably doing all they can for people in need.”

UNHCR Magyarorszag Simon Ernö 2“I salute leaders and citizens in many other countries, including Germany, Sweden and Austria, for opening doors and showing solidarity.  I am also grateful for the financial generosity of many countries in addressing the humanitarian consequences, in particular the United Kingdom and Kuwait.”


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Photo Credits:

•   Cover photo:  Refugees in Hungary, © UNHCR Magyarorszag / Simon Ernö
•   Second photo:   Refugees in Hungary, ©UNHCR / Linder Bálint
•   Third photo:  Refugees in Hungary, © UNHCR Magyarorszag / Simon Ernö

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