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Another week on the road to the UN70: Elyx treks from DR Congo to Belarus


13.9.2015 - Today Elyx is taking a well-deserved break in Belarus (learn more about the visit here). After learning all about the UN’s work in the country, Elyx took some time to reflect on last week’s journey.

At the beginning of the week, the UN digital ambassador spent two days in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). On the first day, Elyx visited Burundi refugees at the Lusenda refugee camp in Eastern DRC (learn more about the visit here). The next day, Elyx was honoured to meet blue helmets from the UN peacekeeping mission MONUSCO (learn more about the visit here).

Elyx in South Africa Elyx visits Mosupatsela High School in KrugersdorpOn Wednesday Elyx arrived in South Africa, where the digital ambassador went on an educational outreach trip to Mosupatsela High School to inform students about UN activities in South Africa and the rest of the world (learn more about the visit here).

In Sri lanka, Elyx helped out during preparations for the‘70-60’ festivities. This celebration marks the UN’s 70th anniversary and Sri Lanka’s 60 years as a UN member (learn more about the visit here).

 From Sri Lanka, the UN digital ambassador travelled north to the Russian Federation. After visiting UNESCO heritage site the Red Square in Moscow, Elyx participated in the PEP workshop on green mobility and transport (learn more about the visit here).

 Feeling fulfilled by the week’s visits Elyx settled down for a quiet night and started making plans for next week’s visits to Greece and Mexico. Covered foot Vs bare foot kids in Bakmitiyawa at UNICs outreach actaivitysmYou can follow the journey at < >and < #Elyx70Days >. You can also follow the Journey and other UN 70th news at < #UN70 >.


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Photo Credits:
• Cover: Democratic Republic of Congo- UN Photo
• Photo 1: South Africa - UN Photo
• Photo 2: Sri Lanka - UN Photo

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