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Protecting our heritage: UNESCO launches #Unite4Heritage campaign

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30 March 2015 – In response to recent attacks on cultural sites, UNESCO has launched a campaign to mobilise support for the preservation of cultural heritage. Titled #Unite4Heritage, the campaign asks everyone to send in photo contributions, thereby using the power of social media networks to build support for the global protection of heritage. Photos and selected comments will be shared through the campaign’s designated website.

Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, highlighted the importance of the initiative during the campaign’s launch at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Baghdad in Iraq.

She states, “when violent extremists say humanity is not a single community that shares values, when they say world heritage doesn’t exist, when they say pre-Islamic heritage is idolatry, when they say that diversity is dangerous, that tolerance and dialogue are unacceptable -- we must respond.”

Standing together for heritage

The campaign harnesses public interest and social media networks to share values of tolerance, diversity and respect.

“Cultural sites have a universal value - they belong to all and must be protected by all. We are not just talking about stones and buildings. We are talking about values, identities and belonging.”

By doing this, #Unite4Heritage builds upon international treaties protecting culture, e.g. the Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property. It also underlines UNESCO’s work to use culture as means of reconciling and uniting us all.

“Together, we will put forward a new humanist narrative of shared values, of humanity as a single family, holding a past and a future in common. Unity will be our strength,” Irina Bokova declared.

Show your support!

The campaign invites everyone to send in photos of their favourite artefact, sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #Unite4Heritage.

You can also post a selfie while you are holding a sign with #Unite4Heritage on it.

Fore more information on UNESCO and World Heritage Sites, please consult the following website or use the UNESCO World Heritage app.

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