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UN Secretary-General Stresses Need For Strategic EU-UN Partnership

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9 March 2015 – The development of a "strategic partnership" between the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) is increasingly critical as global crises intensify in complexity and multiply in scope, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told delegates during his remarks to the Security Council.  "In recent years, the United Nations and the EU have made significant strides in working together for peace and security around the world. But we still encounter difficulties in mobilizing early action before a situation visibly deteriorates."

Mr Ban emphasized that the "strategic partnership" between the two organizations "runs deep" as both share "common values and are committed to the peaceful collective management of security challenges to avoid conflict." 

Rapid and effective political engagement therefore remains "the single most important element for success" in preventive diplomacy efforts as the two organisations continue to tackle a range of international challenges together.

Tremendous potential

Referring to successful examples of the comprehensive and complementary nature of the UN – EU partnership, the UN Secretary-General talked about the continent of Africa, where different UN Missions, including MINUSMA (Mali) or MINUSCA (Central African Republic), have been working "very closely" with the EU.

These missions have not only been "benefitting from the uniformed contributions of 13 European Member States", but also show the "tremendous potential for EU operations to deploy as bridging mechanisms to UN missions."

"While we all recognize that much remains to be done, our joint work over the past years has developed a solid foundation on which to build and deliver results for the people we serve."

Global and holistic response

In addition, the violent increase in global terrorism also remains a point of concern that requires "a global and holistic response that upholds human rights and does not exacerbate the problem." 

The UN Secretary-General reassured that the United Nations remain "strongly committed" to working with the EU and other stakeholders in discouraging the rising phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters who, he said, posed dangers "within and beyond Europe."

"Given the magnitude of the challenges we face, it is our responsibility to continue exploring scenarios where we can put our combined efforts to use."

Source: UN News

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