Aid agencies triple targeted aid recipients in Ukraine

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4 March 2015 - According to a recent survey conducted by International Organization for Migration (IOM) in the Kharkiv region, most internally displaced people (IDP) reported a monthly income of between UAH 500 and UAH 1,500, which is the equivalent of only EUR 15 – EUR 45.

Humanitarian needs are spiralling Ukraine with aid agencies tripling the number of people targeted for aid in 2015 from 900,000 to 3.2 million. According to the Ukrainian government, the conflict in the east of the country has already displaced over a million people. According to the UN, the conflict has already left of 6,000 people dead since April 2014.

IOM plans to continue to support the most vulnerable IDPs, who remain displaced due to the lack of security and fall outside the social welfare net.

Long-term assistance

IOM has expanded its assistance to also focus on long-term solutions that provide integration opportunities and livelihood support for IDPs, and that help host communities. EU and Norwegian-funded micro-enterprise and self-employment training schemes for IDPs are currently targeting over 1,200 people.
IOM has already helped almost 39,000 vulnerable internally displaced people (IDPs). Almost 17,000 of them received winter clothes, medicine, household and hygiene items provided with funding from the UN, Untied States, Germany, Norway and Switzerland.

Another 22,000, including families with children, the elderly and the disabled, received cash from a European Union (EU)-funded IOM project launched in December 2014 in the Kharkiv region. The Kharkiv region serves as a safe haven for over 130,000 IDPs, according to the government.

In addition, a recently confirmed USD 1.4 million contribution from Japan will aim to ensure that people living in selected communities in the Donbas region will have access to social and public infrastructure, and better livelihood opportunities.