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David Beckham and UNICEF ask the world to put children first

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham / Picture by Pettersson for UNICEF

9 February 2015 – Today, David Beckham and UNICEF have launched the groundbreaking initiative '7', named in honour of Beckham's lucky number on his famous England and Manchester United F.C. shirts. Marking Beckham's 10th year as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, '7' is David's personal commitment over the next decade to helping the world's most vulnerable children.

"Everything I have done, my football career, my family, has led to this point – this is the moment for me to do what I can to help children in every corner of the world. This is something I want my own children to be proud of", David Beckham said.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Beckham also asked the public and his fans to back his call to world leaders to put children first and help end violence, preventable death, and poverty for every child as they negotiate a fresh roadmap for global development – by adding their name to his international campaign.

2014, a devastating year for children

The launch of '7': The David Beckham UNICEF fund comes after one of the most devastating years for children on record, with over 15 million children were exposed to extreme violence in major conflicts in 2014.

Millions more were hit by natural disasters and thousands were left orphaned and out of school as a result of the devastating Ebola epidemic.

Beyond these disasters, 168 million children worldwide were engaged in child labour and many others fell victim to sexual violence, trafficking and female genital mutilation.


Through '7', UNICEF aims to harness the hope and potential of 2015 - a year in which international leaders will agree new global goals that will change children’s lives for years to come.

UNICEF has identified key places, across seven regions of the world, where urgent funding is required to help save and change children's lives in the next three years. Some are programmes in towns and villages; some are nationwide programmes across a whole country or region. All are places where children are living in danger right now and where, to date, the lack of funding left children vulnerable.

"David has raised awareness of major dangers facing children – including malnutrition, Ebola and AIDS - and has travelled with UNICEF to Sierra Leone, South Africa, Thailand and most recently the Philippines, where he helped raise vital funds for children affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Through 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund, we can act together to drive positive change for children", Paloma Escudero (UNICEF’s Global Management Team) concluded.

Source: UNICEF

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