Norway to keep high UN contributions

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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg at the General Assembly, 25 September 2014. UN Photo/Amanda Voisard.

24 October 2014 - Norway has no intention of cutting its contributions to the UN by 20% as had been reported by Norwegian media.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry has issued a statement, where it corrects a dispatch by a news agency alleging a 20% overall cut. The news agency story generated news in the media on forthcoming cuts, including on UNRIC´s website

In its budget proposal the Norwegian government´s aim is that contributions to individual UN agencies should be at 'at least the same level as in the current budget', according to the Foreign Ministry´s statement.

There are, however, some changes within the budget, since as reported, UNDP will have its Norwegian contribution cut by 50 million Norwegian kronors (from 701 million to 660 million) or $ 7.6 million.

'Despite this Norway will continue to be one of the biggest contributors to the core budget of the UNPD', says the Foreign Ministry.

On the other hand Norway´s contribution to WFP (World Food Programme) will be increased by 42 millions NOK ($ 6.4 million) , and Norway's obligatory fees to the UN will also increase by $ 2.7 milion) due to changes in the basis of calculations of contributions.