Kicking-off Climate Week with a Click

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23 September 2014 - In conjunction with the Climate Summit 2014 that starts today, the United Nations and METRO International will launch the 10th edition of METRO Photo Challenge, the world’s largest photography competition.

Cities are a primary source of Greenhouse Gases emissions, a major player in climate change. With METRO Photo Challenge, open to everyone, everywhere, contestants can submit their visual interpretation of any of the three city categories; My City’s Magic, Urban Escape, or the theme chosen with the United Nations Climate Change team: “My Green City.” The grand prize? A photo-expedition to the city that never sleeps: New York, New York.

The launch will take place at the Climate Summit. The Summit, brainchild of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, is a prelude to the 2015 Climate Conference in Paris. The goal is not to produce legislation, but to generate a common agreement and understanding on what some activists such as Nobel Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu have labeled the destruction of the environment as the human rights challenge of our time.

banmarchOver 100 events will be organized during the Climate Week, which began around the world with a People’s Climate March gathering 600,000 protesters demanding urgent action on climate change in more than 2,000 locations worldwide. In New York alone, over 300,000 people including the UN Secretary-General, Hollywood stars, politicians and students and marched for Action.

This effort is remarkable as it not only draws on popular support, but also has garnered support from the business sector. Hundreds of wealthy individuals and at least 50 foundations will make pledges to divest any holdings in the world's top 200 oil and gas producers, including ExxonMobil, BP and Chevron. Even major companies, including Big Oil, are joining the battle against global warming by cutting their heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions, protecting the world's forests and reducing methane leakage from fossil fuel production.

A week ago, a major report from global political, environmental and industry leaders said it’s possible to grow the world economy while tackling global warming. Commissioned by several countries, it gathered over 100 academics, economists, business leaders and politicians who concluded that, the world can still grow economy whilst diminishing the effect of the climate change by investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart growth, and cleaner transportation.

World leaders meet as of today to reach an informal and non-legally binding understanding on how to tackle this immediate issue. The MPC allows citizens can contribute their own ideas, through the click of a camera. Just like the Summit, METRO’s Photo Challenge is a way for people to submit ideas, share perspectives and communicate about their experience with climate change.