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7 May 2014 - This year, the UN is arranging an election. But it is not an election where you can vote for a political party or a governmental leader. It is an election where you can contribute to shaping the world.

For the first time in history, the UN invites every single person in the world to have a say in shaping the future global development agenda. MY WORLD is an innovative initiative encouraging all people to choose six areas of activity, from a total of 16, which would represent a major improvement in their lives. The votes are then used to inform decision makers and intergovernmental processes, ensuring that the individual votes actually play a role in the creation of the new global agenda.

More than 2 million people in 194 countries have already voted - through web, street surveys or on mobile devices – providing unique information on people’s priorities for the future.

Up to now, the survey results reveal that the top priorities for voters to improve their lives are a good education, better healthcare, and better job opportunities. This strengthens the validity of the current Millennium Development Goals, but also places new issues on the global agenda.

Corinne Woods, Global Director of the Millennium Campaign, stressed that the striking message that emerged from the analysis of the data collected so far “is that people, wherever they live in the world, want the same basic human rights: health, education and work, and an honest and responsive government.”

Now, the UN has launched The Global Week of Action (GWA), a worldwide mobilization effort to gather 500,000 additional votes from May 5-11th.

So what are you waiting for? Go to and cast your vote!

Want to get more involved?
• Follow MY WORLD Facebook and Twitter
• Spread the word by using the hash tag #globalvote
• Download the Android app (myworld2015) and take the survey door to door in your own community

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