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UN and NGOs to focus on Post-2015


26 April 2014. The post-2015 Development Agenda will be the theme of the UN NGO conference , a major global civil society gathering in New York 27-29 August 2014.

This is the 65th annual conference organized by the UN Department of Public Information (DPI) and the NGO community. It will provide an opportunity for civil society, international networks and activists to develop an „Action agenda“ to mobilize in the lead up to the negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda. At stake is a new agenda to replace the Millennium Development Goals, the targets set by leaders to be achieved within 15 years, at a world summmit in 2000.

The conference will take place at a critical time in the so-called post 2015 process. The processes to replace the Kyoto Protocol with a new Climate deal and substitute the MDG´s with a new development agenda, including Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) , will culimintate within months of each other in the second part of 2014. The conference will also be an important miliestone ahead of the September 2014 Climate Summit.

The purpose of the conference is to „harness strategies, expertise and resources and“to move poverty eradication, human rights and climate justice into the mainstream discourse“ to generate support for the post-2015 development agenda. A declaration, designed to frame an ambitious „Action Agenda“ for civil society, shall be produced.

The UN Department of Public Information and the NGO/DPI Executive committee, represetning 1,300 NGO´s are the co-hosts of the conference.

Photo: Last year´s UN DPI/NGO Conference in Bonn. UN Photo/Meike Böschemeyer

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