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We Are Europe. Every Day

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Video Competition on How Europe has Touched Your Life.

The European Commission has launched a video competition under the slogan:  “We are Europe. Every day” at a key moment in the run up to the elections of the European Parliament.

The competition, which opened for submission on 3 January is open to everyone, 18 years and older.

Deadline is 10 March 2014.

ec-comp3The video, up to 3 minutes, should make the European identity tangible by telling stories about what makes us proud to be European.

The genre of the video can be anything from documentary to fiction, as long as it´s creative. The video should to be in line with the European values and is targeted at all audiences.

The competition guidelines provide some examples to help the contestants to develop an idea. They can,for instance, try to answer such questions as: “What does ‘being European’ mean to you?”

“What are the values behind the European flag that you appreciate the most?”;  or “Which advantages do you enjoy the most?”. For this purpose, it is suggested that participants use a specific date on which an important event in the history of the European Union occurred and compare it to what it meant for you and how it affected your personal life, village, city or even country.

Free access is given to the online Audio-visual Library of the European Commission or of the United Nations. It is required to use at least +/- 25% of these archives in the entry.

The competition is a partnership between the European Commission – DG Communication – Audiovisual Services and the United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (UNRIC).

Three prizes are given: 1st t prize 6,500 Euros. 2nd prize 2,500 and 3d 1,500.  The three finalists will be determined by the European Commission and the United Nations through a jury which can consider the online voting, sharing and “likes”.


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  • The European Commission (EC) is the executive body of the European Union responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the Union's treaties and day-to-day running of the EU.
  • UNRIC is the communication hub of the United Nations in Europe based in Brussels.


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